Do You Want to Know About the Cast and the Latest Information of ‘Then Came You?

Hey reader! If you are a romantic comedy movie fan, then you are at the perfect place! Yes, because today we have one of the most talked-about movies of the town about Then Came You. And not only a comedy-drama it also is an adventurous journey. After the first part of the movie, fans are curious to know more Then Came You. Are you ready to know about the latest updates for the movie?

A few questions have been making rounds over the internet- Will there be a sequel to the movie? Or Then Came You is canceled? So you need not worry we have gathered all the details about the movie Then Came You that you would not like to miss.

About the Movie- Then Came You

Then Came You is a romantic comedy-drama film that made its debut in the year 2018, with director and co-writer Peter Hutchings on board. The film features a story about a young man working as a baggage handler at the airport along with his father and elder brother Frank.

then came you

Quick Info About the Movie- Then Came You

Directed By: Peter Hutchings

Genre: Romantic comedy Drama

Written By: Fergal Rock

Cinematography: Andre Lascaris

Composer: Spencer David Hutchings

Produced By: Nicolas Chartier, Alissa Phillips

Production Companies: BCDF Pictures, Voltage Pictures

Filming Locations: UK

Distributed By: Shout Studios

Release Date: 12th of October, 2018

Running Time: 97 minutes

When Was the Movie: Then Came You Released?

The film, Then Came You made its debut on February 1, 2019 on VOD. It was also released at the Woodstock Film Festival. The film was initially scheduled to release on October 12, 2018, but faced backlash due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then Came You- Who Were on the Sets of the Movie?

The movie Then came You features a very talented and awesome cast crew. Here is the list of cast crew for the movie. Just take a look here:

  • Asa Butterfield stars as Calvin Lewis
  • Maisie Williams stars as Skye Elizabeth Aitken
  • Nina Dobrev stars as Izzy
  • Peyton List stars as Ashley
  • Tyler Hoechlin stars as Frank Lewis
  • David Koechner stars as Bob Lewis
  • Tituss Burgess stars as Julian
  • Ken Jeong stars as Officer Al
  • Sonya Walger stars as Claire
  • Margot Bingham stars as Lucy Lewis

What Is the Plot Line of the Movie: Then Came You?

Skye (Maisie Williams) Aitken is a high school young lady who is told she has arrived at the last phases of her disease and has a brief period left. Calvin Lewis (Asa Butterfield) is a youngster functioning as a staff overseer at the air terminal close by his dad and senior sibling Frank (Tyler Hoechlin).

At work, Calvin has eyes only for Izzy (Nina Dobrev), an airline steward, yet experiences issues conversing with her. Calvin battles to interface with others since he has a consistent dread that he is biting the dust. His PCP believes he’s a depressed person, however, Calvin denies it, and encourages him to go to a care group for those with malignant growth to acquire an alternate point of view.

At the meeting, Calvin experiences Skye, who promptly shows an interest in him. Although he attempts to disclose to Skye that he doesn’t have malignant growth, they immediately become companions and Calvin offers to help Skye finish her rundown of activities before she passes on. At first irritated with her dull, erratic conduct, Calvin in the end admits that he appreciates being her companion and misses her when she’s nowhere to be found.

then came you

Skye goes to a secondary school party with Calvin, where she sees one of her companions make out with Will (Angel Valle Jr.), a person whom she likes. As Calvin and Skye hang out, Calvin gradually beats his apprehension about biting the dust.

Skye figures out how to set up a date for Calvin with Izzy, during which she erroneously illuminates Izzy that Calvin additionally has malignant growth. Izzy then, at that point, starts to show more interest in Calvin, and the two start dating. Skye uncovers to Calvin that she has consistently known that Calvin doesn’t have malignant growth, all things considered, Calvin wonders whether or not to come clean with Izzy as he is stressed that she just likes him since she thinks he has the disease.

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Skye gains from Lucy, Calvin’s sister-in-law, that his mom “shut down” after the passing of his twin sister in an auto crash when they were 8 years of age while their mom was driving. Calvin at long last concedes to Izzy out on the town that he doesn’t have malignant growth, yet she parts ways with him since she is harmed that he misled her. Skye chooses to lose her virginity to Will.

What Are the Ratings of The Film?

The film Then Came You received an IMDb rating of 5.5 out of 10 and an overall rating of 6.5 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes, with an approval reading and Common Sense Media also giving the film three stars..

What Are the Reviews of the Film?

When talking about reviews of a film, the reviews from both the critic and the viewer are important. Hence, we have divided the review section into both critics and audience. Take a minute and see what he has to say for the film, Then Came You.

Critical Responses for the Movie

Critics say that the film offers an honorably smooth encounter, however, at a similar, it is somewhat zoomed out with more tricky aspects. They likewise imagine that one couldn’t get a lot of motivation from this film, other than some accidental chuckling.

Pundits also feel that as far as the business of the film to convey is concerned, this particular film makes it happen in a lively manner, yet in reality, everything seems flat and dead at times. Along these lines, you see that pundits generally have unfavorable reviews for the film.

Audience Responses for the Movie

Viewers love the presence of innocence in the film, and those who are a bit emotional may feel that the story of the film is difficult to watch. He also believes that the film is hopeful and inspired by its light-hearted message.

Moreover, it seemed that the audience has loved the film. Fan reviews are the exact opposite of critics, but what’s better than reading what audiences feel for a movie, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened at the End of Then Came You?

Calvin finally admits to Izzy in town that he doesn’t have a malignant growth, although she separates from him because she is hurt that he has betrayed her. Skye chooses to lose her virginity to Will. Calvin becomes disheartened after separating from Izzy and leaves for work, yet his father convinces him to return to work.

Is Then Came You a Sad Movie?

Then came you are explaining what could be an extremely depressing story. In general, I would give this movie 5/5 stars!

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Final Words

With its timeless messages of hope, compassion, and positive thinking, the film Then Came You has proved itself to be a likable film amongst the audience. There are some healthy teachings in the movie that might just change our lives for the better.

That was all that we had to offer for the amazing movie Then Came You. We hope it was helpful. We eagerly waiting to know more from you!