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Bling Empire Recap & Review – Will There Be a Second Season?

Bling Empire, which follows some of Los Angeles’ wealthiest Asians, has joined Netflix’s large and increasing array of reality programs. The program features everything you’d expect from a show with this premise: vast estates, opulent parties, scandalous gossip, shopping excursions to Paris, and plenty of jewelry.

Bling Empire: Plot Recap & Review

At the opening of the presentation, model Kevin Kreider sets the tone by explaining that he always thought Crazy Rich Asians was a fantasy until he met his millionaire buddy Kane Lim. Kevin exclaims, “They have the world at their disposal,” with a look of wonder that he maintains throughout the performance as he parties, gossips, and jet-sets with Kane and his rich group.

There’s lots of drama as Christine Chiu, a socialite and philanthropist, clashes with Anna Shay, an even wealthier woman who states in one episode, “she cannot compete with what I was born into.” Within the group, the tumultuous relationship between entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li and her actor-boyfriend Drew is a heated issue. Cherie Chan, who is perplexed as to why her five-year-long boyfriend has yet to propose to her, is also anticipating the arrival of her second kid, for whom she can’t wait to have photoshoots in Hermes bags and boxes.


Words like ostentatious, expensive, and over-the-top come to mind when describing some of the cast members’ behavior. While one ‘epic’ one-year-old birthday celebration includes a claw machine with Gucci bags where visitors may play and receive gifts, another party entitled ‘Keep it tight’ features a Botox bar. What if a youngster is visiting an heiress and there are no toys for them to play with?

Diamonds, after all, are constantly present! There are impromptu birthday lunch visits to Paris and private aircraft to take the wealthy on shopping expeditions to Las Vegas among the unending stream of events.

While there is plenty of amusement, Bling Empire excels in its endeavor to dive into culture and identity with its all-Asian ensemble, which is unusual for a program of this kind. Kevin’s quest to find his biological family after being adopted from South Korea into an American family, and his buddy DJ Kim Lee’s desire to reunite with her father whom she has lost contact with, are two of the show’s more touching moments. There’s talk of rigid, traditional Asian families, unhealthy relationships, and homesickness as well.


“The Asians are here,” Kane exclaims to a group of individuals he sees with a confederate flag in Charleston in possibly the show’s greatest sequence. We’ve come to acquire your house!” While there is some heart among the gold, the show’s message about culture, identity, and heritage is mostly overshadowed by the bling.

The first season of Bling Empire is a fast watch with only eight episodes. There may be a lot of affluent people’s concerns, as well as an abundance of glitter, sparkle, and trivialities, but the program is tremendously entertaining.

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Bling Empire: The Love Triangle

On Bling Empire, Kelly has a love triangle with two suitors: Kevin and Andrew Gray, her then-boyfriend, who broke up in March 2021, according to Instagram. In the end, Kelly and Kevin have a romantic talk.


The love triangle isn’t done, according to the show’s EP. “Kevin doesn’t like Kelly and Drew’s connection and wants to replace them, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to do so. God willing, we’ll be able to continue telling these people’s tales, and we’ll all find out how it ends, because I’m just as curious as the next person “Jenkins explains.

Bling Empire: What Happened In Ending?

Viewers want solutions to the season’s main problems just as much as the cast of Bling Empire wants high-end designer brands and lavish mansions. For openers, Kelly ends the season back at her on-again, off-again lover Andrew’s residence after a lot of ups and downs. (Though Kane tells ET, “Maybe season 2, we’ll see another split,” the pair is allegedly still together in real life.)


Then there’s Kim, whose season-long search for her biological father comes to an abrupt halt. She does, however, appear to make a connection with Kevin during Cherie Chan’s 100 Day celebration. Christine and her husband, Dr. Gabriel, will have to wait and see if they are expecting a second child.

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Bling Empire: When Season 2 Will Aired?

Nonetheless, the way the COVID-19 epidemic is being managed confounds things a little. Despite the fact that contamination rates have been declining (according to the CDC), an unexpected flood might require extra delays. There’s also the matter of travel, which Kane Lim, who portrays Kane Lim, has claimed is something he needs to do more of.

There is currently no information on when Bling Empire Season 2 will premiere. Season 1 began in January 2021, and barely a few months later, season 2 was announced. It takes around a year for a new season of a Netflix show to be released. For the time being, our best bet is that Season 2 of Bling Empire will premiere in mid-2022.

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