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Titans Season 3 : Everything We Know About It

Dick returns from the dead with a newfound sense of purpose in the penultimate episode of season 3 of ‘Titans,’ delivering a life-changing moment for him. He isn’t the only superhero to have a moment of clarity, as Jason also has one and embarks on a path of atonement.

Including an action-packed, monsoon climax, Titans season 3 comes to an end, but how does each plot play out and what does Titans season 4 hold in store? Season 3 of Titans followed suit, shifting the action to Gotham City and focused on Jason Todd’s tragic turn into the villainous Red Hood. Todd is used by Jonathan Crane to bring Gotham to its knees, driving Batman out of town, making the Titans into sought felons, and transforming the GCPD into his personal army.

Going into Titans season 3’s finale, Gotham’s condition appears to be dire. Scarecrow schemes to duplicate the act he planned to do before Batman and Robin got in the way, thanks to Batman’s annoying habit of collecting everything as a “trophy.” Nightwing and Red Hood have joined forces to stop him, but the odds are stacked with them, since Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, and Raven are scattered throughout the city. In the meantime, Starfire and Superboy are feuding over Blackfire, as Conner Kent refused to let his new girlfriend leave town.


Titans season 3 is titled “Purple Rain” for obvious reasons, and it concludes all of the series’ key storylines, including Scarecrow’s reign of terror, the future of the Titans supergroup, Red Hood’s atonement, and Tim Drake’s destiny as a masked vigilante. The finale also teases the debut of a big Batman villain, paving the way for Titans season 4 (which was recently revealed at DC FanDome 2021). Here’s how the third season of Titans wraps up.

Season 3 Of Scarecrow’s Titans: The Plan Is Revealed

It’s a one-way trip to a headache piecing together a logical plot from Scarecrow’s activities throughout Titans season 3. To put it mildly, Jonathan Crane is a “wacky” individual who is prone to altering his views on the spur of the moment.

Scarecrow attempted to poison Gotham City’s water supply with an anti-fear chemical that gives the user a perilous sense of invincibility earlier in Titans season 3, and he succeeded by duping the Titans into cracking the pipe for him. Scarecrow no longer wants to drug the good people of Gotham in the Titans season 3 finale; he just wants them dead. Scarecrow’s change of heart is due to two factors. On the one hand, spreading anti-fear shattered Dick Grayson’s Titans and brought the GCPD under Scarecrow’s control, paving the door for Scarecrow’s true purpose of destroying the city entirely. Scarecrow, on the other hand, has a point to make against Batman. Crane’s original deal with Jason Todd was solely focused on vengeance, and hearing Bruce Wayne’s severe psychological assessment on the Bat computer made Scarecrow even more motivated to avenge Batman by carrying out the precise plan Batman had previously foiled.


he gas Scarecrow stole from Gotham’s armoury (which Bruce Wayne retained “for experimentation”) is neither anti-fear nor Crane’s conventional fear toxin, but simply poison that kills anyone unfortunate enough to breath it. Ten canisters are strewn throughout the city, waiting to be detonated by explosives that, according to the Bat computer, were previously primed in the season 3 finale of Titans. Scarecrow might have carried out his plan right away, leaving the Titans powerless, but Crane, in true comedic villain fashion, wants to savour the moment and tease his foes with a series of cryptic hints hidden inside W.H. Auden’s poems. This, predictably, leads to his demise.

Cast of Titan Season 3

Dick Grayson / Nightwing / Robin (Brenton Thwaites)

As young Dick Grayson, Viktor Sawchuk and Taj Levey star.

Koriand’r / Kory Anders / Starfire (Anna Diop)


Raven / Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth

Gar Logan / Beast Boy is played by Ryan Potter.

Donna is played by Conor Leslie. Troy

Jason Todd / Robin / Red Hood (Curran Walters)

Conner / Superboy is played by Joshua Orpin.

Komand’r / Blackfire (Damaris Lewis)

Barbara Gordon is played by Savannah Welch.

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The Third Season Of Titans Comes To A Close With A Wrap-Up Explanation

Barbara is rescued by A.R.G.U.S. agents led by Vee. The Titans reassemble, with Tim joining them. After detonating one bomb, Crane threatens to detonate the others if the heroes fail to solve his puzzles. Instead, Dick attacks Wayne Manor with Gar, Jason, and Tim, who assist in defusing the bombs and apprehending Crane. The Titans who remain turn the Lazarus Pit into rain, resurrecting those who were murdered by the initial bomb. Before leaving Gotham, Bruce goes to Gotham, where Jason makes apologies with him. Conner assists in the creation of a new spacecraft for Blackfire, who bids him and Kory farewell. Donna is asked to join A.R.G.U.S. after she leaves the squad to find Dawn. Tim travels in an RV with the Titans as they return to San Francisco. Rachel uses the pit’s dark power to ruin Crane’s sanity before leaving.

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When Will Titans Season 4 Be Released?

Although we know “Titans” Season 4 will be released at some time, HBO Max has yet to specify a date. It’s unlikely to happen for a time, especially given how Season 3 ended on October 21, 2021. New episodes will take some time to air, but our best bet is that the second season will premiere in the fall or winter of 2022.


The first season of “Titans” began in October 2018, followed by the second season in September 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show did not have any new episodes in 2020, however it reappeared in August 2021. Season 4 appears to be coming out in the second half of the year, and with filming resumed on all major Hollywood movies, there shouldn’t be any huge delays.

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