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Upside Down Magic: Plot Cast Everything We Know About It

Upside-Down Magic is a Disney Channel Original Film based on Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins’ eponymous fantasy book series. Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong feature in the film. On July 31, 2020, it premiered on Disney Channel.

Story Explanation

The best of friends Reina Carvajal and Elinor “Nory” Boxwood-Horace realise they have magical abilities: Nory can transform into animals, while Reina can control fire. They got accepted into Sage Academy, a one of the prominent magic academy.

There are numerous classes for each student at Sage Academy: the Flare class is for individuals who, like Reina, can produce fire with their hands. The Fluxer class was for those who, like Nory, could transform into animals. The Flyer class was for people who were capable of flying a few feet above of the ground. The Fuzzy class is for someone who has the ability to communicate with animals. The Flicker class is for those who have the ability to make themselves or other objects disappear.


Reina displays her flare abilities, while Nory accidentally transforms into a cat/dragon hybrid while attempting to morph into a cat. Reina was assigned to the Honors Flare class, while Nory was assigne to Budd Scriff’s Upside-Down Magic programme. Students with flawed skills are admitted to this programme because Headmistress Knightslinger believes they are easy candidates for Shadow Ability, an evil power that utilises a person’s magic against everyone else through ownership. Headmistress Knightslinger is ignorant that the Shadow Magic has methods of targeting the most unlikely students, as Nory and her fellow students discreetly aim to perfect their powers while supporting Budd in his groundskeeping.

Reina comes into a book about Shadow Magic and, uninformed of the Shadow Magic tale that Nory as well as the other UDMs were given, takes it to her room, where she discovers a page about enhancing supernatural properties. Reina reads the page because she’s being disparaged by a fellow Flare student called Phillip, who has more expertise with the programme than she has.

Budd discovers that his students are secretly honing their skills and decides to assist them while keeping Headmistress Knightslinger in the dark.


Reina prepares for Founders’ Day the next day, where she might compete against Phillip. Reina’s abilities are exceptional, and she is chosen to represent the Flares. Nory tries to play in this tournament as a kitten, but instead transforms into a wild boar/cat/dragon hybrid. Reina performs Nory’s favourite Flare move to shock him out of everything, but it almost burns Nory due to Reina’s extremely enhanced powers.

Reina encounters Chandra, a fellow Flare who has faith in Reina. After Reina leaves, the Shadow Magic book appears, and Reina tells Chandra to take the book with her. It is taken by Chandra, but it later returns in Reina’s chamber. The next day, when the other Flares can’t see who Reina is talking to, Chandra exposes herself to be an embodiment of Shadow Magic in human form. Chandra seduces Reina and takes possession of her. Reina goes forward to represent the Flares during Founders’ Day and utilises a difficult Flare trick to transform into a shadow-like entity that threatens to destroy the entire school. Reina is eventually rescued by the UDMs, who restore her to normal enough for her to vanquish the Shadow Magic.


Nory and the UDMs are placed into their own magic classrooms after the incident, and Budd is now an official Fuzzy teacher.

The Shadow Magic book falls off the shelf in the last scene as it opens to a specific page that reveals the magic logo with one symbol missing from the usual magic emblem. Shadow Magic has not been completely eradicated, and it appears to have its own forgotten category of magic that it want to demonstrate to the world….at any cost.

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Cast of The Story

Upside-Down Magic is a type of magic that occurs when something is turned upside (2020).Joe Nussbaum directed the film.

Izabela Rose, Siena Agudong, Kyle Howard, Max Torina, Elie Samouhi, Alison Fernandez are among the cast members.

Interview with Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong

Despite the current state of the world, Disney Channel Original Movies have been a family favourite since Tiger Town first aired, and 2020 won’t be any different. With Upside-Down Magic, the House of Magic is bringing in the fantasy crowd after giving the musical crowd a treat in Zombies 2.


Izabela Rose (Netflix’s No Good Nick) plays Nory, a plucky misfit, and Siena Agudong (Netflix’s No Good Nick) plays her put-together best friend Reina. The two young girls arrive at Sage Academy with the intention of strengthening their relationship and their love of magic, but they are quickly put to the test by the school’s arbitrary categorization system and demanding training programme. The film, which is based on a Scholastic book series of the same name, addresses important issues such as equality and loyalty.

Will There Be a Sequel to the Upside-Down Magic Film?

Its second project will be Upside-Down Magic. Much more is in the works, though many projects have been placed on hold owing to the pandemic. As soon as production can resume in a more significant way, Farwell and her collaborators are ready to begin shooting one unannounced live-action project.

What Every Parent Should Know?

Parents should be aware that Upside-Down Magic is based on the same-named book series by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins. The film deviates from the stories in a number of ways, but the basic plot remains the same: Nory (Izabela Rose) and her best friend Reina (Siena Agudong), both teenagers, confront personal challenges while attending a magical school. Nory is an excellent role model for children since she refuses to see her differences from her peers as a problem. She challenges authority figures and the current quo to make her point, but the objectives absolutely warrant the methods in this case. A few moments show a teen being possessed by a dreadful power that finally absorbs her and affects everyone else, but there are few genuine scares, and the film concludes happily. There will be no swearing, but there will be some slurs such as “loser,” “dumb,” “dorks,” and “stupid,” as well as “butts.” If they haven’t already, youngsters may be enticed to check out the books after seeing the movie.

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