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All Day and A Night: Plot Summary & Ending Explanation

All Day and a Night is a brand new American criminal drama film that premiered on the Netflix streaming platform on May 1, 2020. The film tells the narrative of a black guy who finds himself in the same jail as his father. The film is about living in America’s underprivileged neighborhoods and how guys grow up in such areas surrounded by violence. There are three timeframes in the film, which might be confusing for viewers. Here’s a breakdown of the finale of All Day and a Night, as well as a look at the film’s numerous themes.

‘All Day and a Night’ is a dramatic play that gives a variety of perspectives. Jahkor (Ashton Sanders), who was raised in a violent environment, wishes to escape his father’s shadow. Years later, as an adult, he finds himself in the same jail cell as his father. The film, on the other hand, is about comprehending the wider mechanism that keeps him chained to particular societal constraints rather than retracing his steps.

The movie includes three separate timeframes that must be combined in order to make sense. The first is from his boyhood, the second from his early adult years, and the third from his time in jail. The stream of consciousness approach is used in a more reduced form throughout the film.

All Day and A Night: Plot Summary

Jah (Jahkor) grew up in a mostly Black area where mafia fights, drug sales, and other illicit activities were commonplace. JD, Jah’s father, used to beat up on him because he believed he was a weakling.

Despite his mother’s best efforts, JD was able to gain the upper hand due to his violent behavior. JD was quickly apprehended and imprisoned for illicit narcotics possession.

Jah grows up and, with his best friend TQ, robs people at gunpoint, as do many others in the area. He is passionate about rap music and achieves some success before his girlfriend, Shantaye, becomes pregnant.


Jah finds a new work at a shoe store in an attempt to turn over a fresh leaf. He decides to assist Stunna, one of the neighborhood’s big shot gangsters, assassinate Malcolm, his arch-enemy, despite the racial hostility he encounters. Jah completes the assignment but is apprehended shortly after.

Later on, he discovers that TQ was working for both sides and was actually Malcolm’s buddy. TQ tries to assassinate Jah by breaking parole conditions and being admitted to prison. TQ is killed before that by Jah, who foresaw it coming. Jah is seen near the conclusion of the film attempting to be a better parent and son.

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All Day and A Night: Ending Explanation

Given that the story swings between several times, the film’s climax may appear a little perplexing. Jah accepts Stunna’s employment offer to assassinate Malcolm, who was interfering with Stunna’s company.

Jah, desperate for money to support his fiancée and child, accepts to participate in a drug crime, something he said he would never do due of his father’s obsession with it.


Jah overhears a chat on the night he plans to assassinate Malcolm. The conversation T-rex was having with Malcolm and several of his buddies is the one on which he instantly concentrates.

Malcolm is not a stranger to Jah, but rather a familiar face. JD’s drug addiction was the subject of numerous family tensions when Jah was a youngster. JD would have abnormal mood swings and violent conduct as a result of this. Jah once witnessed his father buying narcotics on the street from a young man.

Knowing that asking his father to quit would be futile, Jah tracked down the dealer and demanded that he cease providing narcotics to his father. The dealer was none other than Malcolm, who had been a peddler in his childhood. He dismisses Jah by claiming that JD is his finest customer and departs chuckling.


Minutes before killing Malcolm, Jah manages to put a face to the previously unknown individual. Jah was only there for business at first. When Jah discovers the truth about his identity, he asks Malcolm whether he remembers him, the mission becomes more personal. Before Jah shoots Malcolm and his partner, Malcolm feigns cordial familiarity.

As the film’s cyclical plot nears its cyclic conclusion, the film’s opening sequence is reproduced once again. Jah shoots Malcolm and goes to prison for it at the opening of the movie. Jah’s flashbacks from infancy and the current day leading up to the murder show not just his background but also his familiarity with Malcolm, which makes little sense at the start of the movie.


As the bond between Malcolm and Jah becomes obvious, there is one more thread that must be sewn in to complete the picture. The same chat that Jah overheard to determine Malcolm’s identity also carried another secret. They were talking about TQ assisting Malcolm in shooting down Stunna, which turned out to be a botched effort due to a compromised gunman. This is not immediately seen by Jah, but later, when one of the incarcerated convicts mentions his friend TQ’s presence in prison, Jah connects the dots.

TQ has been playing everyone from the start, Jah realizes. He was Malcolm’s snitch, and if he could bring down the Big Stunna, he was offered power and money. He stuck to his duty, pretending to be Stunna’s brother. TQ is coming to execute Jah on the orders of Malcolm’s devoted gang members, Jah understands.

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Stunna realizes this outside of jail and murders T-rex, TQ’s buddy. When they were ready to hug, Jah stabs TQ. As Jah murders TQ and throws him to the ground, a group of his new pals surround him. Jah gets away with TQ’s murder in this way.

Jah had a change of heart at the conclusion of the film and wants to be a more active part in his son’s life, even if he is in prison. As a result, he meets his son, as well as his girlfriend and mother, for the first time in prison. Unlike his own father, Jah sets his hatred and fury aside to be a better person for his kid.

He makes an active attempt to bond with his father in prison after realizing that he, too, is a victim of systematic racism and abuse. As the video comes to a close, Jah convinces a now sober and gentle JD to plant a tree, demonstrating that there is still hope for them, even in prison.

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