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The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Season 3: Ending Explanation Including Time Paradox

‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is back for a second season, taking you to the depths of Hell and back. Sabrina isn’t one to let sleeping dogs lie, even after Nick sacrificed himself for the greater good. If she needs to break Hell apart to save him, she will. Things quickly spin out of control, and she finds herself making rash decisions. Go to Netflix and watch the show if you haven’t already. Here, we dissect the last episode and consider the finale, which has us concerned for the citizens of Greendale.

Sabrina defeats Judas and steals thirty pieces of silver from Vlad the Impaler’s grave in the last test for Hell’s rule. However, when she returns to Hell, Caliban deceives her and encases her in stone in the ninth circle of Hell, revealing that he did the same to Lucifer and Lilith. With the House of Morningstar vanquished, Sabrina looks to be sentenced to spend eternity in Hell unless she is saved by someone unexpected. Here’s what occurs at the end of Season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Plot Summary

With Nick trapped in Hell, Sabrina devises a plan to liberate him while transferring the Dark Lord to another person. Her trip to Hell, however, takes an unexpected turn when she is compelled to assume the throne and must struggle with Caliban, the prince of Hell, to keep it. Meanwhile, Prudence and Ambrose are on the lookout for Father Blackwood and learn that an old threat is approaching Greendale. The witches’ abilities are waning, and they must seek for new sources of strength.

In the Original Timeline, What Happens

Ambrose narrates what happened in the original timeline after Sabrina is encased in stone at the opening of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 finale, “Sabrina is Legend.” Caliban is crowned King of Hell, and he sets out to fulfill his campaign pledge of transforming Earth into the ninth circle of Hell.

He leads Hell’s army on a crusade against Earth, but the Pagans defeat him, using Harvey Kinkle as a virgin sacrifice to revive the Green Man and subjugate the earth. The Celestials descend from Heaven after Caliban has been defeated and Hell has been weakened, and they ransack Hell, leaving it empty.


Things start to become a little murky from here. After several decades, a future Sabrina reappears to save the enslaved Sabrina. It’s unclear who set this first Sabrina free, if she managed to free herself, or whether there’s a never-ending cycle of Sabrinas rescuing Sabrinas, resulting in a predestination paradox.

In any event, the future Sabrina swaps places with the stone Sabrina and gives her specific orders to perform the same thing when her time arrives.

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Sabrina’s Timeline Changes To Save Greendale

Sabrina returns to Earth equipped with all three parts of the Unholy Regalia: King Herod’s crown, Pontius Pilate’s plate, and Judas’ silver, as instructed by her future self. Many decades have passed, she discovers.


With the exception of Ambrose, who has managed to live and elude the Pagans, all of her friends and family have turned into bleached skeletons. Sabrina and Ambrose work out how to utilize the Time Egg that Father Blackwood obtained from Loch Ness to transport Sabrina back in time before the Pagans triumphed. The Holy Regalia’s ultimate fate was to be melted down and converted into a Morningstar, a weapon to help power this voyage.

Sabrina’s knowledge of the future allows her to spare Mambo Marie, Aunt Zelda, and Prudence from being slain by Father Blackwood, and to protect Theo, Harvey, and Roz from being abducted by the Pagans.


They reassemble in the Academy of Unseen Arts, where Sabrina devises a scheme to dupe the Pagans into assassinating their own deity. Robin, Theo’s new hobgoblin boyfriend, has defected from the Pagans and delivers them a virgin sacrifice for the Green Man to prove his loyalty: Ms. Wardwell.

Ms. Wardwell is actually Pesta the hedge witch in disguise, and she utilizes her special abilities of decay to kill the Green Man once the Pagans start the rite.

The Pagans are driven out of Greendale and their leaders are slain when their deity is killed. When it’s time for Sabrina to go to Hell and free herself from the stone, she devises a new strategy that she believes would solve all of her issues.

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Sabrina’s Time Dilemma: How Does She Do It?

Instead of breaking free from the stone after being duped by Caliban, Sabrina travels back in time before entering Hell’s ninth circle. Sabrina now gains the conviction she was missing for the rest of the season after witnessing the horrific future in which her friends and family died: she wants to dwell in Greendale and devote herself to her mortal friends and coven, rather than Hell’s kingdom.


Sabrina’s former self, on the other hand, hasn’t seen that future and is still yearning for hellish power. As a result, Sabrina suggests a compromise: the “other” Sabrina will stay behind and govern as Queen of Hell, while the “real” Sabrina would return home.

It appears to be the ideal solution: Hell gains a completely committed king, which will help to stabilize the realms; Lucifer will be pleased to have his daughter on the throne; and Sabrina will be able to fully embrace her role as a Spellman rather than a Morningstar.


Of course, in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, there is no such thing as a happy ending. When Sabrina tells Ambrose what she’s done, he’s frightened, warning her she’s created a temporal paradox that might lead to even more havoc.

The absence of a ruler in Hell only destabilized the three realms, but Sabrina has destabilized the entire fabric of time and reality by breaking the time loop. Furthermore, she has done so at the most inopportune time, since Father Blackwood is hell-bent on resurrecting eldritch terrors much older and more terrible than the Pagan gods.

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