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Instead of Jack Reacher 3, We Are Getting Reacher Series on Amazon Prime

I’ve thought for a long time what it would be like to adapt an action novel for the screen, given how different the literary form and the script prepared for converting the content to cinema are. The answer may be found among the world’s Jack Reachers, Jack Ryans, James Bonds, and Jason Bournes, all of whom have helmed hugely popular series. Cruise, for that reason, has devoted himself unflinchingly to the action genre, with him executing his own stunts at such a young age being an exceptional achievement.

While his role as MI6 secret agent Ethan Hunt virtually owns the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise, which is still going strong after its sixth installment made all the right noises in all the right places for all the right reasons, another of his action franchises, Jack Reacher, has struggled to take off and find a sort of universal acceptance among fans.

‘Jack Reacher,’ the fictional creation of Novelist Lee Child and a real genuine badass who joins a long list of ex-marine vigilante arse kickers from the pen of a number of authors, has had only two film adaptations to date, despite having a wealth of literature devoted to him (23 books), both starring Tom Cruise in the titular role as well as serving as standalone storylines dictating the character’s exile.


The first owes its devotion to the 2005 Child novel ‘One Shot,’ while the second owes its fealty to the title of the book, ‘Never Go Back.’ Both films had a solid international gross but underperformed in the domestic market, as well as critical acclaim; and according to the internet, neither Reacher nor Cruise fans were particularly fond of them. In these conditions, while a sequel seems doubtful given the negative reaction, we decipher all of the information we have about the third film’s potential and whether it will materialize or not.

Since There Will Be No Third Installment of Jack Reacher, The Series Will Be Revived on Amazon Prime

Despite the relative box office success of the Jack Reacher picture, Tom Cruise’s absence is not surprising. He has, after all, spent the most of his recent time filming movie scenes in which he is nearly killed for his Mission: Impossible films. Cruise recently returned to his Top Gun beginnings for the yet-to-be-released sequel Top Gun: Maverick in his spare time. He’ll also be shooting out into genuine outer space for an unnamed Space X film in the near future. To suggest that the actor is overworked these days would be an understatement.


Furthermore, Lee Child, the creator of Jack Reacher, was never a fan of Cruise’s casting in the starring character, telling BBC News in 2018 that Cruise’s size didn’t fit the brute-force physique of his invention.

“Cruise, despite his skill, lacked that physicality. I had a great time working with Cruise. He’s a very wonderful person. We had a great time. But, in the end, the readers are correct. Reacher’s stature is quite essential, and it’s a major part of who he is… the idea is that when he enters into a room, everyone gets a bit afraid for the first minute.”


As a result, when Amazon Studios announced a Jack Reacher TV series for Amazon Prime Video, they also revealed that the title part will be replaced. Producers later stated that Alan Ritchson, the super-brawny Titans actor, had won the coveted job, thereby ending Cruise’s reign as Jack Reacher as per Deadline.

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Tom Cruise Left: Who Could Be the Next Jack Reacher?

That’s true, you got that right. With the announcement that there would be no new films in the ‘Jack Reacher’ franchise, comes the announcement that Tom Cruise will not be returning his role in any manner. Instead, for television, the producers, notably Lee Child, would follow the novelists’ lead and look for an actor who matched the physical description of him in the books.


Tom Cruise’s height of 5 feet 7 inches, as well as his body, are the main sources of displeasure, as several fans have pointed out. Reacher is characterized in the novels as a powerful guy, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, blonde, and weighing 250 pounds.

Reacher’s girth and heftiness in the novels was a metaphor for a “unstoppable force,” which Cruise depicted “in his own manner,” according to Lee Childs. Furthermore, he had the following to say regarding Cruise being dropped for the sequel and why it was critical to get the casting right: “I had a great time working with Cruise. He’s a very wonderful person.

We had a great time. But, in the end, the readers are correct. Reacher’s size is really significant to him, and it’s a huge part of who he is. The idea is that during the first minute when Reacher enters a room, everyone is a bit frightened. Cruise, despite his skill, lacked that physicality. So I’ve made the decision that there will be no more Tom Cruise films.


Instead, we’ll watch it on Netflix or something like. Long-form streaming television starring a brand-new character. We’re starting again and rebooting, and we’re going to locate the right person.”

While the producers have high regard for Cruise and what he accomplished in the two films in which he played the titular character, it is evident that they will replace him with a new actor, implying Cruise’s retirement from the role.

According to reports, Childs wants to enlist the help of a lot of fans who were upset with Cruise’s hiring in order to get the new actor, his appearance, and his body just perfect.

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What Could Expect from Jack Reacher Series?

As previously stated, the first season of the Jack Reacher TV series will be based on Lee Child’s very first Reacher novel, Killing Floor, thus the fundamental narrative will not be a surprise.

For those of you who haven’t read it, the novel follows the huge guy as he hops off a Greyhound bus in a little Georgia town, only to be wrongly accused for murder very shortly. Not only does Reacher have to free himself, but he also needs to bust a counterfeiting organization and put a stop to a particularly nefarious piece of work.

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