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Call Me By Your Name 2: Everything We Know About It

First of all and foremost, I adore the first film far too much to allow the proposed sequel to be dubbed ‘Call Me By Your Name 2’. The terrible thing though is that the producers haven’t decided on a title for the film, and Luca Guadagnino, the filmmaker of ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ who is also in talks to helm this, believes that a name is absolutely necessary before pushing further. Well, I was expecting that Andre Aciman‘s next novel, ‘Find Me,’ which is actually a sequel to Andre Aciman’s 2007 novel ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ (from which the film is adapted), would give them a hint. Following the heart breaking ending to Elio and Oliver‘s warmer months romantic during the first film, in which Elio gazed broke down in tears and endlessly into the fireplace while Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Visions of Gideon’ music plays in the background, ‘Find Me’ really seems like a beautiful, aching enlightenment, as if being started calling by a long-lost love itself. Now, I’m neither a poet or a literary outcast, so let’s get back to film reporting.

To really be honest, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ doesn’t really appear to be a sequel-worthy film. Whether it’s justified or not is a different matter, because fans of both the novel and the movie plainly believe this isn’t the conclusion of Oliver and Elio‘s narrative, and Guadagnino agrees. A sequel to the movie may or not be inside the works, and even if it isn’t publicised, it remains Guadagnino’s personal project. Since no formal announcements have been made, it’s still unclear whether the film would follow the plot of the next Aciman novel, which will be released in October, or will contain an entirely new premise. However, because the mere notion of another chapter in Elio and Oliver’s lives makes us as excited as ever, we’ve compiled a list of everything we know about the sequel, including, most notably, Elio and Oliver’s reunion. Continue reading.

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Cast & Crew of The Film:

Obviously, if a sequel is ever made, Elio and Oliver must appear, and both Timothee Chalamet, who was a breakthrough in his portrayal as Elio, and Armie Hammer have indicated strong interest in returning, with Hammer even participating in the film’s production. It’s realistic to assume Michael Stuhlbarg to reprise his role as Elio’s father, and it’s critical that he does, especially after the heartfelt talk he used to have with Elio at the end of the first episode. He could potentially play a significant role. Apart from that, Dakota Fanning, Luca Guadagnino’s frequent collaborator, may feature in the sequels as Oliver’s mother and wife of his children.


Following the resignation of James Tusks as a potential writer for the project, the only two people confirmed to be working on the sequel script are Lica Guadagnino and Andre Aciman, with Guadagnino stating that they “flirt with ideas” about a sequel for Elio and Oliver’s storey on a regular basis.

Timeline of Call Me By Your Name 2:

In my opinion, this is an incorrect question because we have spent nearly the entire article establishing the dubious nature of this sequel, as well as serious, genuine doubts about how or when it will be made, and the timelines along which it will be made are supposedly longer, given Guadagnino’s desire to go the Linklater route and give his actors years to completely develop into their roles.


“It felt like a really triple whammy of so many things, that if we do create a second one, I fear we’re setting ourself up to take the fall,” Armie Hammer, the film’s actor, said of its development. I’m not sure anything will come close to the first. Why don’t we just leave it alone, since it was such a special thing?”

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Call Me By Your Name 2 When Will The Film Be Released?

Considering Guadagnino’s and the film’s two stars’ demanding schedules, I don’t expect the picture to be finished and ready for release for at least another couple of years.


Also, before choosing to release the sequel, the directors would need the dust to settle a little. In the best-case scenario, Call Me by Your Name 2 will be released in October or November 2021, giving it another Oscar test session. If not, the film could be postponed until 2022.

Call Me By Your Name 2 Plot: What Is It Plot?

Elio slowly comes to grips with Oliver’s engagement at the end of the film Call Me By Your Name. What will our hero’s next adventure be in the sequel?

Guadagnino has already teased elements about the plot, which he says would take place ‘five or six years later,’ in the late 1980s. And he has some big ideas for the film that he wants to explore.


The AIDS issue, as well as other world events at the time, such as the Gulf War and Silvio Berlusconi’s rise to power in Italy, would almost certainly play a major role in the plot, according to the filmmaker. Guadagnino sees the first picture as simply the first act in his characters’ storey, and believes he’ll need five more to complete it.

‘The novel has 40 pages at the conclusion that have been through the next 20 years of Elio and Oliver’s existence, so there is some type of signal that the storey can continue through author André Aciman’s plan,’ says the author. The Hollywood Reporter quoted Guadagnino as saying.


‘In my viewpoint, Call Me would have been the first chapter of the narratives of the lives of ordinary people we met in this film, and if the first chapter is about coming of age and becoming a young man, perhaps the next chapter will be about what is the young man’s position in the world, what he wants — and what is left of such an emotional punch that made him who he is a few years later?’

Guadagnino has promised that the film will take his stars “around” Italy, in addition to the stunning north Italian locale.

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