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Rebecca Hall, Star of ‘Iron Man 3,’ Talks About the Original Version of Her Character

Iron Man 3 was one of the more difficult entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to develop, given that it would have to follow the massive success of Marvel the Avengers. Star Rebecca Hall revealed that the previous proposal for her character included her being a major villain in the film and earning a heroic redemption, but her role was happened to change during filming. The picture, which was written by Drew Pearce and Shane Black and directed by Black, went through a number of alterations during its creation; with the final $1.2 billion gross seemingly proving that the multiple storey evolutions paid off.

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Rebecca Hall Character Had a More Heroic Plan in Mind

Maya Hansen’s initial arc was revealed by Iron Man 3‘s Rebecca Hall, who said that she had been guaranteed to make it until the end of the film. Robert Downey Jr.’s final solo appearance as Tony Stark was released at the commencement of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some fans are wistful about the character’s path in the MCU now that he’s officially done with the franchise, with Hall’s latest interview providing them a glimpse of how the Shane Black movie could’ve turned out.


Iron Man 3 has been the only solo film for the genius billionaire that was not directed by Jon Favreau, despite the fact that he reprised his role as Happy Hogan. It was released in 2013 on the heels of The Avengers’ triumph. Tony Stark was coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the Battle of New York, while some of his former adversaries came back to haunt him. The disputed Mandarin storyline twist, with Guy Pierce’s Aldrich Killian allegedly manipulating the strings as part of his revenge plan against Tony, is likely to be remembered by most fans. Maya was crucial to his strategy, but she was slain in the middle of the film. Now, Hall is claiming that her character was planned to be a pivotal figure in the film until the very end.

Maya’s position in Iron Man 3 was originally supposed to be different, according to Hall, who spoke with Collider as part of the marketing for her new picture, The Night House. Because it’s been so long since the film was released, the actress had problems recalling the details, although she did say that her character will take a patriotic turn in the end.

It’s really no secret that Iron Man 3 was supposed to feature a female main villain, who would be virtually the same as Killian but would be played by a woman. Higher-ups at Marvel (not Marvel Studios) made the adjustment, presuming that female protagonist toys don’t sell along with their male colleagues. Maya’s (Stephanie Szostak) and another Killian surrogate, Ellen Brandt’s (Stephanie Szostak) portions were also drastically reduced as a result of this.


Although Hall did not go into depth about what her Iron Man 3 part would have been, it appears that Maya’s narrative arc was preserved – if abbreviated. She backstabs Pepper and Tony in the film by revealing that she is truly working for Killian, but later has a crisis of conscience. She didn’t have opportunity to produce amends, though, for the instant she stood up to her boss, he killed her, thinking her useless for his goal. It’s intriguing to speculate about Black’s initial plans for Maya and how Hall’s position in the film would have been expanded.

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Iron Man 3 Will Have a Smaller Female Villain Role, According to Rebecca Hall

After a succession of box office successes, the House of Concepts isn’t without flaws. One of the most common criticisms of the shared universe is the absence of prominent female characters. The Marvel Comics Universe has also been chastised for having weak villains, as so many fans of the series pointed out following Iron Man 3‘s fake-out nemesis. Shane Black recently defended his twist ending, in which Ben Kingsley’s scary Mandarin was revealed to be actor Trevor Slattery, a pawn in Tony Stark’s (Guy Pearce) nemesis Aldrich Killian’s (Shane Black) plan. He also spilled some shocking details regarding a significant narrative twist that changed Rebecca Hall’s antagonistic role as Dr. Maya Hansen.


In essence, according to Black, Hall was supposed to play the Killian role. He said that the studio changed her role from archenemy to minor danger at the request of toy manufacturers fearful of lower sales – something Hall recently confirmed.

Hall chimed in on a topic she’d been “gagging to talk about” but hadn’t had the opportunity to address while attending the Toronto International Picture Festival to promote her new film Christine. She told the Toronto Sun about the studio’s plastic panic, claiming that Black’s account of events was “100% factual.” In addition, Hall mentioned


Hall seemed to be taking it all in stride, despite his disappointment at Marvel for caving in to toymaker pressures. At the same time, she couldn’t help but poke fun at Marvel, saying, “Marvel is renowned for innumerable breakthroughs and has undeniably revolutionised the industry.” At the same time, they have previously shown hesitant to shatter or even chip away at the superhero glass ceiling. As a result, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), the MCU’s only major female character, was restricted to a minor part until the final three films. The company also waited until Phase 3 to release their first female superhero film, Captain Marvel.


Throughout all fairness, Marvel has come a long way in recent years, due in large part to Kevin Feige. Black praised the studio head during his interview, calling him the “person that gets it right.” His backing, combined with the idea of Captain Marvel being Feige’s dream project, lends credibility to the MCU’s progress. Furthermore, since the studio snafu was sorted, a Black Widow solo project has been announced as a probable Phase 4 release.

Marvel Studios will hopefully embrace the inclusion of its print counterpart as previous and present controversies coincide with the expanding and changing firm. So far, the MCU’s future appears to be brighter and more all-encompassing. However as the House of Ideas progresses through to the next stage and even beyond, all of this will be disclosed.

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