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MacGruber 2: Plot | Cast | Everything We Know About It

MacGruber‘ is already a true cult classic in the spoof comedy genre, having gone from a recurring sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to a full theatrical release and now possibly a franchise. Special operations agent MacGruber, played by American comedian Will Forte, is the franchise’s titular star. MacGruber’s origins as a character may be traced back to a sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with the same name.

Each instalment of the comedy, written by Jorma Taccone and Will Forte, featured MacGruber attempting and failing to defuse a ticking bomb owing to his own stupidity, arrogance, and incompetence. The sketches became so successful that MacGruber was offered a series of Pepsi ads and, finally, his own feature-length film in 2010. The film was universally derided by critics, and its box office performance was likewise dismal, with ‘MacGruber’ failing to recoup even its modest $10 million budget.

Despite this, the film went towards becoming a cult favorite, with admirers praising it for its sheer silliness and bravado. Since 2012, when Taccone announced that in an interview, there has been discussion about a sequel. If you’re curious about what has been going forward with ‘MacGruber 2,’ keep reading to find everything out we know.

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Mac Gruber’s Final Scene

At Vicki’s, MacGruber finds Cunth has been captured her and learn that Cunth is planning to blow up Parliament during the State of the Union speech. He informs Col. Faith and then locates and destroys the KFBR392 automobile. Cunth calls MacGruber to brag, MacGruber follows the call, and Piper agrees to assist on one more mission. They are apprehended and led to Cunth, Vicki, and the missile after breaking into Cunth’s compound. MacGruber binds Cunth to a handrail after pounding Cunth and his men into surrender. The team escapes as the rocket explodes after removing the nuclear component and guidance system. Cunth gets away by chopping off his shackled hand with an axe.


6 months later, his slain team members appear as ghosts at MacGruber and Vicki’s wedding. MacGruber notices Cunth with an RPG, much as he did at his wedding to Casey. He saves Vicki and fights Cunth, throwing him down a cliff beyond the altar, shooting him with a machine gun and firing an explosive as he falls, destroying the altar corpse, and finally urinating on it from the top of the cliff.

What Will the Plot of MacGruber 2 Be About?

After that the success of the character’s Pepsi commercial and ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch, MacGruber‘ was released in 2010. The character is a parody of the 1985 spy action-adventure TV series “MacGyver,” as well as classic action films from the 1980s and 1990s like “Lethal Weapon,” “Rambo,” and “Die Hard.”


‘MacGruber’ features ex-Green Beret, Navy SEAL, and Army Reserve MacGruber as he seeks to stop his foe Dieter Von Cunth from stealing a nuclear bomb and destroying Washington, D.C. Vicki St. Elmo, Lt. Dixon Piper, and Col. Jim Faith accompany MacGruber on his journey.

In a Twitter Tweet on September 26, 2016, Co-writer Jorma Taccone Stated That ‘MacGruber 2’ Was In the Works

Taccone disclosed further details about the project a year later, revealing that the sequel would not be called “MacGruber 2.” He also mentioned that the next MacGruber project will take a page from the ‘Bourne’ series’ playbook. This could point to a plot line in which MacGruber suffers from amnesia, which would be a perfect fit for a spy comedy like the ‘MacGruber’ sequel.


Other idea is a fugitive storyline, similar to ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and its sequel ‘The Bourne Ultimatum,’ in which an isolated and betrayed ‘MacGruber’ is on the run from numerous foes who want him dead. We can also look forward to trademark ‘MacGruber’ moments like delightfully ludicrous sex scenes, over-the-top action, and ‘MacGruber’ packing his way throughout problems in the most ungraceful possible manner.

The upcoming ‘MacGruber’ film, on the other hand, could not be a film at all. In reality, it’s most likely going to be a television show. A cinematic sequel was cancelled in early 2019 in favour of a new TV series, bringing the character full circle given the effect of the ‘MacGyver’ TV series on the skit and the film.


Much of the original cast of ‘MacGruber’ could return for the TV programme, according to Taccone, who says: “It’s everyone.” Val was severely blown up, and he’ll be left with only half of his head. Everyone is in a bad mood. What’s wonderful is that when you create something that has experienced the sorrow of not performing well monetarily… I’d feel bad if the folks involved were ashamed about it, but Ryan adores it, Kristen adores it, and everyone involved is ecstatic.”

Which indicates perhaps fan favourites Dieter Von Cunth and MacGruber’s love interest Vicki Gloria St. Elmo will make a comeback? The only roadblock in the way right now is an economic one, as ‘MacGruber’ was a massive commercial fiasco. As a result, few people have expressed interest in funding a sequel. Fans will have to endure the agony of waiting until someone is found.

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MacGruber 2 Cast: Who Can Be the People Behind the Movie?

Will Forte, an American actor, comedian, and writer, plays the title role in ‘MacGruber.’ Vicki Gloria St. Elmo is played by Kristen Wig, Lt. Dixon Piper is played by Ryan Philippe, Col. Jim Faith is played by Powers Bothe, and Dieter Von Cunth is played by Val Kilmer. Several WWE wrestlers make brief appearances, including Chris Jericho, The Great Khali, Big Show, and Mark Henry.

We should expect Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe, and Val Kilmer to reprise their individual roles in the upcoming ‘MacGruber’ TV series, based on what Taccone has said thus far.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\macgruber-image.jpgAs far as we know, Taccone is already working on the storey, and Forte may also be involved. Like the original film, the sequel is anticipated to be directed by the former.

MacGruber 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

It is indeed presently difficult to predict when the ‘MacGruber’ TV series will premiere. For the better part of the last decade, a sequel to ‘MacGruber’ has been speculated, but we have yet to see anything tangible from the TV series. The original film’s production, on the other hand, was renowned for its speed, requiring only 28 days completing. It’s still possible that the ‘MacGruber’ TV series may premiere in late 2021. However, the sequel to ‘MacGruber’ is most likely to hit theatres in 2022.

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