Freaky: American Slasher Comedy Movie Review

Freaky is an ingenious slasher comedy film. It’s very sturdy and delightfully geeky. It features an unlikely, pitch-perfect performance from Vince Vaughn. It was released in the year 2020. Have you seen it yet? No, then here we have covered everything about the freaky movie that you would want to read!

Freaky is written and directed by Michael Kennedy and features a stellar cast.

The film was released theatrically in the United States on November 13, 2020, and internationally on July 2, 2021, by Universal Pictures. Not only this, it received strange critical acclaim and many of them declared it as one of the best films of the year 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look before you miss that!

Released in the year 2020, Freaky was a huge hit at the box office and received amazing reviews from both the audience and critics. The film was a remarkable success and the audience loved the story.

Director: Christopher Landon

Producer: Jason Blum

Genre: Crime Drama

Release Date: 13 November 2020

The Freaky has a total of 1h 42 minutes of running time. But before we move on further, here’s a short digression- the trailer of Freaky for you!

Cast of the Freaky Movie

Freaky features a massive talent in the movie. Here’s the cast crew member list:

  • Vince Vaughn stars as Blissfield Butcher
  • Kathryn Newton stars as Millie Kessler
  • Misha Osherovich stars as Josh Detmer
  • Katie Finneran stars as Coral Kessler
  • Celeste O’Connor stars as Nyla Chones
  • Alan Ruck stars as Mr. Bernardi
  • Uriah Shelton stars as Booker Strode
  • Melissa Collazo stars as Ryler
  • Dana Drori stars as Char Kessler

The Storyline of the Freaky Movie?

That excitement wounds its direction through Freaky interpretation of the body-trade film which just Blumhouse (producers of Happy Death Day and The Purge Franchises) could bring: a teen young lady switches bodies with a tireless chronic executioner! Secondary school senior Millie (Kathryn Newton, Blockers, HBO’s Big Little Lies) is simply attempting to endure being the disliked child when she turns into The Butcher’s (Vince Vaughn) next target.

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Their decisive experience gets turned and they awaken in one another’s bodies. Presently resembling a transcending sociopath, Millie learns she just has 24 hours to invert the revile and get her body back before the switch becomes super durable and she’s caught as a moderately aged crazy person until the end of time.

How Accurate Is the Freaky Movie?

The Freaky movie is full of horror/comedy and gritty realism, but it is not based on a true story. The movie is based on fun & funny and features an unlikely, pitch-perfect performance from Vince Vaughn. But the film portrays the co-scribe of the inconceivably engaging Disturbia- which skillfully mixed Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window with a grieved teenager story set in the burbs. It explicitly features satire scenes. Along these lines, regardless of whether not founded on evident occasions, it certainly depicts the true events in Christopher’s own words.

Freaky Movie Reception

The film, Freaky has been generally welcomed by the crowd and they appeared to cherish the plot and the narrating style. With a spending plan of $6 million, the film effectively hit a film industry assortment of $16.2 Million.

Freaky got an IMDB rating of 6.4/10. The film was additionally shortlisted for different honors and acknowledgments in various classifications. Also, being Christopher’s first time at the helm, Freaky got a great deal of affection and praise.

Freaky Reviews

Since we have covered the important subtleties, here are the reviews for you, both viewers and critics. What is better than reading the audience reviews, isn’t it?

Audience Reviews

A large number of the audience loved the supernatural slasher film and had positive feelings about it. They say that Strange was brutally honest and fully demonstrates the era of modern horror, which perfectly blends horror, humor, and heart. He believes that the cast was mind-blowing and it was interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, some viewers feel that Freaky has a powerful story, but fails to execute the cinematography well and gave an average score.

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Critical Reviews

Critics say the film “Freaky” has some powerful performances and impressive clarity that it wants to show. They also can’t stop admiring the entertainers’ performances, plot progress, and blatantly confusing arrangements.

Overall, the Freaky movie has positive reviews in general.


In short, that’s all we had to offer for this strange film. For more movies and web series bookmark your favorite and loved to read our latest articles which are on entertainment in different places and basically.