Married at First Sight Season 10: Couple’s Relationship & Review


Married at First Sight is a Lifetime reality show in which a panel of experts matches couples for marriage before they even meet. Ten people (five couples) from the Washington, D.C. region were matched up earlier 2020 on MAFS Season 10, and now it’s necessary to refresh each couple’s marriage status.

While some of these couples chose to remain together and work on their relationship, others chose to end their partnership. Before Decision Day, some people decided to break up. Warning: If you don’t want to know how Season 10’s couples suffer in their marriages, don’t read on.

Two of the couples split up before Decision Day, as per the New York Post. Secrets were uttered, weaknesses were concealed, and best friends were deceived. The Season 10 reunion of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight aired on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

Married at First Sight Season 10: Jessica Studer (31) & Austin Hurd (31)

Jessica and Austin had the easiest connection of all the couples on this season of MAFS from the start. They took their time getting used to each other and married life in general. When Jessica began her regular tidying rituals, though, stress entered the relationship, and Austin’s approach was a little more relaxed (okay, messy).

Because of Jessica’s clean freak habits, Austin’s job schedule includes a lot of travel. This seemed to be a quiet godsend. Tensions rose, though, when she didn’t understand he’d be gone for more than half the month on business.

Jessica was able to open up and tell Austin that she loved him once they worked through those obstacles. The same phrases did not flow as freely from his mouth, which alarmed Jessica. Before commitment day, he was able to speak those words, and the two MAFS stars decided to stay together forever.

Married at First Sight Season 10: Meka Jones (25) & Michael Wilson (31)

This pair got off to a good start, with things going their way, but Meka gradually found several lies that Michael had told her. Meka confronted him about his falsehoods, then said that she couldn’t trust him anymore.

Michael was afraid to open out to Meka, which caused him to emotionally retreat. When Meka couldn’t console Michael enough while he grieved the death of a family member, the couple’s demise looked inescapable. “There’s been too much deceit,” Meka stated on Decision Day. I still haven’t figured out who my hubby is.” This pair, regrettably, did not make the cut.

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Married at First Sight Season 10: Brandon Reid (34) & Taylor Dunklin (27)

From the start, this Married at First Sight pair appeared to be doomed. Brandon from MAFS, on the other hand, had a hard time keeping his cool. On his own honeymoon, he exploded at his new bride, the other couples, and even the filming team.

Taylor vented her frustrations on social media, something Brandon did not approve of. Brandon accused Taylor of appearing on the show just to get fame, and the two split up. They apologized finally, but Brandon quickly lost his temper again, this time directing his wrath towards Taylor and the production staff.

He assured Taylor that once the cameras were turned off, he would act differently. The show’s specialists tried to counsel him, but they couldn’t seem to get beyond his negative attitude. Brandon and Taylor arrived on Decision Day, and Taylor requested a divorce. “I’m over all of this,” Brandon said as he stood up from his chair and went out.

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Married at First Sight Season 10: Zach Justice (32) & Mindy Shiben (34)

This marriage might as well not have taken place at all. Zach was hesitant to totally commit to the romance from the outset. After their marriage vows were exchanged, he didn’t move in with Mindy and refused to spend off-camera time with her.

Zach’s lack of commitment and disloyalty were eventually exposed by Mindy. He made hidden phone calls and texts to her closest friend, which she discovered. This mismatched MAFS marriage was clearly bound to fail, and they didn’t make it to Decision Day. Viewers of MAFS wonder if Zach joined the show just for the sake of becoming famous.

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Married at First Sight Season 10: Derek Sherman (26) & Katie Conrad (25)

This pair rapidly bonded, but the spark dissipated almost as swiftly. When Katie realized that Derek had never been in love, she was concerned. Katie is a realist, whereas Derek is a dreamer.

Katie thought her MAFS spouse would be more mature and realistic in his behavior. Derek was afraid Katie would chastise him for not fulfilling her standards, which made him feel abandoned by his wife. Finally, neither of them wanted to lose up on the relationship’s promise, so they stayed together and signed a year-long lease. Fans can’t wait to watch how this couple’s lives unfolds as they start their new life together.

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Married at First Sight Season 10: Review

Zach informed Mindy shortly after they married that he wasn’t attracted to her. Even though Zach declined to move in with his bride after their honeymoon, the pair continued to stretch things out.

During the most recent episode of Married at First Sight, several fans rushed to Twitter to query if Zach had truly been sincere about wanting to be married for the long haul. Others said Zach shouldn’t be allowed to continue if he wasn’t willing to completely engage like the rest of the group by moving in with his wife.

Many fans have also expressed their dissatisfaction with Brandon, who has been vocal throughout the season that he dislikes cameras, social media, intrusiveness, and excessive socializing. Some Married at First Sight viewers were perplexed as to why the beer salesman would join up for a reality show when he already knew he’d have to tape.

Throughout Season 10, many Married at First Sight viewers have been perplexed. While previous seasons kept fans guessing as to which couples would stay together, teasers have revealed that two couples have already filed for divorce. Even those who haven’t formally broken up yet, with the exception of Jessica and Austin, appear to be mismatched, according to fans.

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