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Absentia was a fantastic series that lasted three seasons, but what happened to season four? What is the cause for the show’s cancellation and why did it not air for a new season? Web sitcoms are the lifeblood of any network or Amazon Prime Video in terms of keeping viewers engaged in the series, but when it comes to mysteries and fictitious drama, the series lasts a long time and is also on Amazon’s top list if it’s a series like Vampires Diaries. Gaia Violo is the author of this great sitcom, which premiered in 2017 and ran for three seasons till 2020.

When the sitcoms started the love for the series was not big but when the drama moved forward to the upcoming seasons then viewers started loving this television sitcom and with the help of views and ratings you can say that how popular the show is.

Absentia Season 4

But the series ran only for 3 seasons but still, fans are dying to know why season 4 is not coming and are still expecting season 4. Few months is there is any chance, Absentia season 4 after the creators cancel the series? Let’s move forward to know other things about the Absentia series and its new season 4.

Absentia Season 4

Absentia Season 4 American series is based on the story of the FBI special agent EMILY Byrne and it is one of the popular series which was released back in 2017 for the first time by Oded Ruskin.

The complete series and the main protagonist are praised by everyone for the acting in the sitcom along with another crew member who performed well in the series.

The story followed the main character Emily Byrne who disappears without a trace and is declared dead in Absentia presumed to be a victim of Conrad Harlow. Other than Stana Katic, Natasha Little, Paul Freeman also contributed their roles in the Absentia series with many other cast members.

The ratings and viewership also started declining towards its last season 3.

Absentia Season 4: Release Date

The 4th Season of Absentia was canceled by Amazon prime video after 3 Seasons. The series will not renew the 4th Season.

The Tvline Has Confirmed The Cancellation News On Fourth Season Of Absentia. It won’t Be Returning Back.

The third season was released in July of last year on the streaming platform. But in case there had been the 4th Season of Absentia then it would be the final season of the series. It might be bad news for all the lovers of Absentia that they missed the 4th Season as it has been canceled by Amazon prime video.

Let’s give it a look over the plotline of the series to satisfy our need

What Is the Storyline of Absentia Season 4?

Absentia Season 4

In season 3, Emily is as yet endeavoring hard to reinforce the connection among her and her child Flynn, while serving out her last days. The series recounts the tale of FBI specialist Emily Byrne who, while hunting one of Boston’s most famous chronic executioners, vanishes suddenly and is pronounced dead in Absentia.

After six years, she was found in a lodge in the forest, scarcely bursting at the seams with no memory of the years she was missing after Nick got a call from somebody looking like Conrad Harlow, however he didn’t acknowledge this.

Season 4 may pick directly from the consummation of the third season. We can anticipate that Emily should become hyper-vigilant and be a little on the edge as a result of all the previous injury and mental harm she has experienced in the past couple of years. Regardless of that, she may keep on pursuing developing her relationship with her child, Flynn. Scratch and Emily may likewise need to examine cases that hold the capacity to demolish their lives.

To know the names of the leading characters of Absentia scroll down

Who Are the Casting Characters of Absentia?

These are the names of the star cast that made the series mind-blowing for all the viewers.

  • Stana Katic played Emily Byrne
  • Patrick Heusinger played Nick Durand
  • Neil Jackson played Jack Byrne
  • Paul Freeman played Warren Byrne
  • Christopher Colquhoun played Agent Crown
  • Patrick McAuley played Flynn Durand
  • Cara Theobold played Alice Durand
  • Matthew Le Nevez played Cal Isaac
  • Natasha Little played Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen
  • Angel Bonanni played Tommy Gibbs
  • Agni Scott played Polly Canto
  • Bruno Bichir played Dr. Daniel Vega
  • Ralph Ineson played Adam Radford
  • Hugh Quarshie played Dr. Semo Oduwale
  • Lydia Leonard played Journalist
  • Geoff Bell played Colin Dawkins

Is There Any Trailer for the 4th Season of Absentia?

Right now there is no trailer released for the season. It will show up after the declaration of Absentia Season 4. We will bring your choice when the trailer comes.

The Imdb Rating of Absentia

The IMDb Rating of Absentia is 7.3 out of 10 and 50% on rotten tomatoes that made the series fantastic for the fans.


Absentia Series is an American serial killer mystery series which is based on the FBI special agent EMILY. But the disappointing part of the series is that it will not renew Season 4. Let’s hope for any great miracle that may bring back the 5th Season of Absentia Season 4 on our screen……….


Is There the 4th Season of Absentia?

The 4th Season of Absentia is officially canceled.

Has Absentia Been Renewed?

Up until now, Amazon has not dropped or recharged the series. As it were, the absence of retraction is something to be thankful for. However, it seems as though it has been discreetly dropped.