Big Brother 23: Review


In the United States, Big Brother 23 is the twenty-third season of the reality television show Big Brother. The season premiered live on CBS in the United States on July 7, 2021, and globally on July 7, 2021. The series follows a group of participants (called HouseGuests) who live in the house together while being constantly videotaped and having no contact with the outside world in order to compete for a grand prize of $750,000 (up $250,000 from previous years). CBS has renewed Big Brother for a second season, which will premiere on October 28, 2020, same day as the last season finished. On the very same day, Julie Chen Moonves was confirmed to play as host.

The season ended on September 29, 2021, after 85 days of participation. In the second consecutive unanimous jury vote and the fourth in Big Brother US history, Xavier Prather was proclaimed the winner, defeating Derek Frazier and becoming the first black HouseGuest to win in the main edition of the show (following Dan Gheesling of Big Brother 10, Tamar Braxton of Celebrity Big Brother 2 and Cody Calafiore of Big Brother 22). For the season, Tiffany Mitchell was crowned America’s Favorite HouseGuest.

Big Brother 23: Review

With both the recent anointing of its new winner, the Big Brother 23 finale has made history. The first-ever Black champion of Big Brother U.S. was also the first Black male to reach the Final 2 in the main series. And, if Tamar Braxton’s victory on Celebrities Big Brother 2 is included, Big Brother 23 was also the first Black male to win Big Brother inside the United States. (During Big Brother Canada 9, Tychon became the first Black male to win a North American Big Brother.) It’s a watershed moment for the two-decade-long series, as well as the founding of The Cookout alliance with the sole intention of banding together and making history. While the winner was a foregone conclusion, the overall finale caught a thrilling night of intrigue and secrets.

It was the proper decision to make the Big Brother 23 finale two hours long. When the finales sought to cram all of the drama into an hour or 12 hours, the series’ narrative felt hurried as it rushed throughout everything. Big Brother, perhaps, lacks a well-structured finale because there was never enough time for the challenges, results, and reunion. The pieces were divided into two hours, which allowed us greater time to examine storylines and issues. For maybe the first time in years, the reunion portion seemed like a reunion, with the people on the show being quizzed, spilling the beans, and causing some drama. If something, the show should devote even more time to the reunion segment. In the instance of Big Brother 23, though, I appreciated that the show allowed for more time for a larger reunions.

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The jury segments are the same way. Please, more of these portions! It’s always fascinating to hear the members of the jury discuss and critique the finalists’ performances. We discover a lot about their opinions and perspectives on the other players, as well as how they’ve evolved outside of the game. Kyland’s belief that Derek F. and Hannah were comparable and are on the same level was the most stunning moment. Hannah had done too much For the Cookout than that of most members of the alliance, as indicated after her eviction; she was a threat and well-deserving of a Final 2 position.

It was also a bright spot because of the tone of the ending. Let’s admit it, these visitors were having a great time! Cheering, gasps, calling one another out, and overall amusement significantly increased the energy level. Sure, it’s the finale, and $750,000 is on the line, but the jurors and participants can have a good time along the way. I truly grinned or chuckled a couple times because the houseguests were joining in the fun and throwing zingers. Although the outcome was predetermined, there was some amusement to be gained in hearing what the houseguests had to say afterwards.

The pre-planned jury questions were a major flaw in the finale. Why did they need to be scripted once more? Allow the houseguests to plan their questions in advance or ask them in their own tone of voice. Some of the people on the show didn’t seem to mind what question they had to ask because it wasn’t the one they wanted to ask. Where were the drama-related questions? Are The Cookout’s guys undervaluing their female counterparts? This part has the potential to be so much more. Big Brother could explore allowing the contestants to be more spontaneous and ask tough questions, as this would add to the drama.

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Azah and Derek F. were going to be losing the season irrespective of who got to the final 3. If Azah had made it to the Final 2, she would have had a stronger chance against Xavier. She got along well with the jury, did her part for The Cookout, and even won a few challenges. The problem was that she planned to invite Xavier to the final, which would have certain her defeat. She could have gotten a few votes, but she couldn’t defeat Xavier. Unlike Xavier, who used his power to make a move for his own profit (on occasion), Azah never felt the need to earn power or wield it appropriately. Her argument would have been insignificant in comparison to his, yet she didn’t care about succeeding, which had already harmed her chances. Why would you want to play Big Brother if you would not want to win?!

Tiffany’s victory as America’s Favorite Houseguest was the biggest surprise. Her winning the title was a well-deserved victory! She dominating the diary room monologues, also has one of the strongest feeds/gameplay, and her strategic acumen propelled The Cookout to become one of Big Brother’s most successful and best alliances. The AFP title was a wonderful reward for all of her hard work and sacrifices during the summer. Tiffany is one athlete who will need to receive in the future.

Big Brother 23‘s final was a fun night with a predictable outcome. Even though the projected winner summed up much of the season, there was plenty of action and drama. It was a wonderful night, and a fantastic season overall, one that Brother fans needed following a couple of bad summer from of the classic storyline. Surely, this will set the tone for future seasons to be just as wonderful, if not even better.

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