The Cook of Castamar Release Date: Is It Based On True Story? [Full Update]

Netflix have become one of the highly populated streaming platform and the giant OTT platform have been engaging the audience with its amazing entertainment shows. over the last years, the number of subscriber have gradually increased and the growing number of audience have encouraged the company to invest in more shows. Netflix offers the shows to the worldwide audience and anyone can access the shows sitting in any part of the world. “The Cook of Castamar,” is one of the recently released show that attracts the highlight because of its uniqueness. “The Cook of Castamar,” which would have been originally “La cocinera de Castamar” in Spanish, is one of the most recent titles to smooth the adjustment.

The drama is set in 18th-century Madrid, and it tells the narrative of a relationship between a solitary chef and a widowed duke who are both recuperating from past traumas. The drama first aired in Spain from February to May of 2021, before being distributed on Netflix in the United States in July of this year. The show’s rich period realism, vibrant love story, and amazing costumes have left many fans wondering when it would return for a second season, and what narrative twists will be included when it does.

Cast of The Cook of Castamar

  • Clara Belmonte is played by Michelle Jenner.
  • Diego de Castamar, Duke of Castamar, is played by Roberto Enrquez.
  • Hugo Silva plays Marquis of Soto and Campomedina, Enrique de Arcona.
  • Amelia Castro is played by Mara Hervás.
  • Doa Mercedes, Duchess of Rioseco is played by Fiorella Faltoyano.
  • Gabriel de Castamar is played by Jean Cruz.

The Cook of Castamar is a piece of fiction with certain historical details and characters from actual.

Released Date of The Cook of Castamar

The series launched on Atresplayer Premium on February 21, 2021.  The weekly free-to-air broadcasting on Antena 3 ran from April 8 to June 24, 2021, with strong audience ratings when catch-up viewership was added to regular linear TV figures.


The film La cocinera de Castamar is based on Fernando J. Muez’s novel of the same name. The series was shot in outdoor locations in Madrid, Segovia, and Cuenca, and was produced by Buenda Estudios, conceived by Tatiana Rodrguez, and directed by Iaki Peafiel and Norberto López Amado. Palacio del Infante Don Luis at Boadilla del Monte depicts the Duke’s palace, Castamar. Filming lasted four months and was completed in December 2020. There are 12 episodes in the series, each lasting about 50 minutes.

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Plot Summary

There is no official plot summary for the show’s second season because it’s never been publicly renewed. However, given how the first season concluded, Season 2’s structure is easy to predict. Clara and Diego battled to stay together in the first season due to their differing social classes. Diego breaks his engagement to another woman and relinquishes his title in order to stay with Clara in the last episode.

That ending may develop a feeling of “happily ever after,” but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a sequel. What type of life can Diego and Clara expect now that he has surrendered his title? It may appear like the most difficult decision in their relationship has been made, but romance is never that straightforward. If the show is renewed for a second season, more difficulties will be thrown in the way of Diego and Clara.

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Is The Cook of Castamar Based on the True Story?

Since you’re hooked on “Bridgerton,” there’s a good chance you’ve already discovered the latest magnificent historical drama that’s been enthralling Netflix viewers since it debuted in July. “The Cook of Castamar” is a Spanish drama series that portrays the storey of a forbidden affair that scandalizes upper-class Spanish society in the 18th century. The series has been among Netflix’s top 10 most watched shows, and if you’re one of the many subscribers who has been watching, you’re probably wondering: Is this wild tale of debauchery and deception based on true events?

Clara Belmonte (Michelle Jenner), a woman who already has fallen through the cracks since the death of the father, is at the centre of the series. She accepts a position as a cook for the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enrquez), a man she has no business dealing with outside of her defined professional duty. The Duke, on the other hand, is absolutely captivated when he eats Clara’s food.

The two begin a shady relationship that will have long-term ramifications for both their careers and the political context in which they reside. Is Clara the cook’s account about the Duke of Castamar based on true events? No, is the quick response. “The Cook of Castamar” is a work of fiction in terms of the primary characters and the main plot of the series. That isn’t to say that everything was created out of thin air. To provide authenticity to what is primarily a made-up story, the series incorporates facts from the time period it is set in, as well as a few real historical characters.

The Cook Of Castamar Is A Piece Of Fiction With Certain Historical Details And Characters From Actual Life

While the central romantic drama in “The Cook of Castamar” is a work of fiction, the political and social context against which the story is portrayed is based on historical events. Much of the drama revolves around the harsh laws of society that kept individuals regimented into societal and institutional strata in the 18th century, as it does in many of these types of lovers are  from the wrong side of the tracks  stories.

In the storyline, there are also some real historical figures. Spain’s King Philip V (Joan Carreras) and Queen Isabel (Silvia Abascal) are the most famous. King Philip ruled Spain for over four decades in real life, during which time he engaged in a great deal of wheeling and dealing with the rest of Europe. However, this was not entirely due to the king’s actions. Isabel, his second wife, was a savvy politician, and her desire to bolster the kingdom’s claims to territories in her native Italy fueled a lot of their foreign policy maneuvering (via Encyclopedia Britannica).

Despite the fact that “The Cook of Castamar” isn’t precisely based on a true story, fans of historical dramas will find some truthful nuggets to gnaw on.

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