Godfather of Harlem Season 2: How The Show Ended? Will There Be a Third Season?

The “actual story of iconic crime lord Bumpy Johnson, who returned after 10 years in jail in the early 1960s to find the area he formerly dominated in devastation,” according to Godfather of Harlem. Bumpy must take against the Genovese criminal family to reclaim control of the streets, which have been taken over by the Italian mafia. He develops an alliance with Muslim pastor Malcolm X during the savage conflict, putting Malcolm’s political career in the crosshairs of social turmoil and a mob war that threatens to rip the city apart.

Season 2 of Godfather of Harlem has begun broadcasting on our televisions, and we are grateful to the show’s writers for presenting us with outrageous drama and narrative twists. Bumpy now has a new nemesis named Bonanno, as we saw in the last episode. He’s attempting to gain authority and influence over Harlem. Bumpy had been imprisoned up for a long time, but he awoke and surged into action at that precise moment. Chin, on the other hand, may be in a bad situation right now since Bonanno believes he is a traitor.

Godfather of Harlem Season 2: What Happened in Episode 9?

Bumpy Johnson is still hurting after the loss of his right-hand man in the ninth episode, dubbed ‘Bonanno Split. Bumpy was saddened to have lost a sibling after the latter turned on him at the last minute, causing Bumpy to kill him.

After a few minutes, he discovers Bonanno and his crew are out to get him, so Bumpy must switch to his tough mode to keep his position as the game’s top dog. As a result, he persuades Bonanno’s partner to switch sides, telling him that they will form a strong alliance built on trust and honesty.


In another scene, Captain Omar proposes to Elise, who is ecstatic at the possibility of marrying him. She does, however, have emotions for Malcolm and has been seeing him for quite some time. She tells him the truth because she thinks it is unjust to Omar, but he quickly retracts his proposal and urges her to leave. Elise sobs her way to Malcolm’s residence. She is also not permitted to enter the mosque.

Chin, on the other hand, is cornered by Bonanno’s men, who are suspicious of his motives. Finally, Bumpy reclaims the French Connection and proclaims that if Bonanno’s guys want to keep operating the firm, they must go through him. Bonanno goes for East Harlem, where he’ll continue the supply under Bumpy’s direction, because he has no other choice. Stella and Ernie finally realize they’re head over heels in love.

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Godfather of Harlem Season 2: How The Show Ended?

The tenth and final episode season will undoubtedly be a smash hit. The Harlem Riots is the title of the film, and it depicts Bumpy fighting a couple of his foes. In this way, he ensures that his most recent order is completed without a hitch. You should also be aware that this new decree is one of the largest dope swaps ever documented in New York’s history. Meanwhile, the city is experiencing a Harlem riot. These might end up causing problems for the massive order.


Malcolm X is most likely to appear in the last moments. He is doing the task with the assistance of an unknown individual. Someone unexpected will appear in the area and promise to shield him from all of his detractors. It’s a little depressing to learn that this is the final episode of the second season and that we’ve arrived to the end so quickly. If the makers wish to extend the season beyond the second, the finale will undoubtedly be filled with cliffhangers. Various threads will be kept untied until season 3, when they will be re-tied.

Godfather of Harlem: Will There Be Season 3?

Season 2 of ‘Godfather of Harlem’ premiered on Epix on April 18, 2021, and ended on August 29, 2021. The third volume consists of 10 episodes, each lasting 47–60 minutes.

In terms of the show’s third instalment, no official statement has yet been made indicating whether or not the series would be renewed. However, it appears that the show’s makers have planned a lengthy plot arc for Bumpy Johnson’s character, maybe spanning many seasons.


Chris Brancato noted in a June 2021 interview that he and co-creator Paul Eckstein discuss the series’ scope in terms of years, with a focus on what they like to call “Bumpy Johnson’s schooling.” They want to see how the criminal lord realizes what his actions effect for his town as the series unfolds. According to rumors, they planned a six-cycle run for the series.

The show’s second round was approved in February 2020, although it won’t air until April 2021. It’s possible that the second tranche would have come sooner if not for the epidemic. In any case, it’s reasonable to suppose that a single season takes around a year to produce.

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Godfather of Harlem: What Could Expect from Season 3?

Bumpy attempts to seize control of the famed heroin pipeline known as the French Connection, which runs from Marseilles to New York City in the second season. Naturally, this entails confronting the city’s other criminal families. Bumpy is inspired by Malcolm X’s message of Black economic nationalism, but the way he puts it into practice enrages practically everyone, including his wife, daughter, and Malcolm himself.


If the program is renewed for a third season, Bumpy will be reminded repeatedly that he made his money by trampling on people’s necks. The next season will bring Bumpy one step closer to discovering that he is causing more harm than good to the community, as the makers want to set him on the path to redemption. A possible third season might potentially go more into the personalities of Malcolm X and Cassius Clay.

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