30 Coins: Ending Explanation – Will There Be a Second Season of 30 Coins?

The absolutely crazy horror thriller “30 Coins,” created by ALex de la Iglesia, has already been extended for a second season. The show, which incorporates action, religious horror, folklore, and all forms of gonzo mayhem, follows the struggle between good and evil as demons attempt to assume control of our world. There have been gun-toting priests, babies which transformed into giant spider monsters, terrible mirrors, invisible force fields, and so on in this series. ALex de la Iglesia, the director of the film and director, released a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of season 2 of “30 Coins,” and while it’s not the most interesting photo in terms of composition, it’s enough to have people excited.

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Explanation of the Ending of 30 Coins

Manuel, Elena, and Paco have been seen walking out of the burned building with weapons in their hands in the last episode of the first season. While screaming out for Father Angel, a huge demon sprout erupts out of the fog and from beneath the ground. It follows Angel, Merche, Antonio, Laguna, and the villagers through with a string of events. Angel knows how to manipulate the villagers, who are unaware of what has been happening on the other side, in order to gain complete control of the town.


The trio takes every opportunity to create a window though something that they can destroy the Angel and his minions. The crown, which comprises of 29 coins, is in play, and the monks are seen trying to acquire it. Fabio stabs Manuel in the stomach and grabs the last coin, leaving him a total of 30 coins in his crown. Elena, who was wounded with a pin by Merche’s shadow, has already disappeared and was located on the sofa by Paco. Paco later encounters and destroys a creature.


30 dollars in coins While Antonio uses the dove to distract Fabio, Paco takes Elena to the car and drives her to the village’s deepest limits. In the middle of the turmoil, Manuel removes the blade from his stomach and rushes towards Fabio, hoping to kill him, but instead pushes him off the balcony. The crown spit out the coins, and the monks assemble a crowd to receive them.

Elena and Paco were able to escape the town, leaving Manuel alone. Merche is successful in gaining one of the coins and leaves with Cardinal Lagrange. Father Angel could be seen sitting at the front of the mirror, changing his appearance before entering the portal. He gets up in New York as a result of the experiences.

Will There Be Season 2 of 30 Coins?

If 30 Coins is renewed for a season 2, it is unlikely that we will see it until later this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, show and movie production takes longer than usual, and sometimes having to pause or take a longer break altogether due to set surges or infections. 30 Coins debuted in HBO Europe in November 2020, therefore if the show is renewed by HBO, filming on Season 2 might begin soon.

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Filming of 30 Coins Season 2

Certain rumours surfaced in early September, claiming that the shooting of 30 coins will begin in October, but things could be lot more up in the air than they appear. We went out to HBO for comment, but they declined to do so. As the director announced a few days ago on his Twitter account, ALex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarra are closing the latest versions of the season’s screenplay.

Team of 30 Coins Season 2?

We’re also working with unknowns after the director and writers duo. The only certain is that ALex de la Iglesia will resume to manage the hypothetical second season along his friend and head scriptwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarra, with whom he has cooperated for generations.


Within the technical / creative section, unfortunately, Pablo Rosso, a cinematographer who knows how to behave a horror movie or series and who has recently finished his project with the church, ‘Veneciafrenia,’ which will be shown in the the Sitges Festival in 2021, has received more votes.

Cast Details of 30 Coins Season 2

Let the rumour mill proceed! As we stated in the following instances, the deaths of Santoro and Vergara take Eduard Fernández and Manolo Solo out of the game, providing them with nothing more than a memory or a miracle to return to. The aforementioned Megan Montaner, Miguel ngel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, and Francisco Reyes will be among those expected, leaving the question of whether Angelo will reincarnate as Cosmio Fusco unresolved. It would also not be unreasonable if Pepón Nieto as Sergeant Laguna, Javier Bódalo as Antonio, and a few recurring secondary characters who escaped the escabeche in Pedraza returned.

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Season 2 of 30 Coins: The History

When we spoke with ALex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarra at the Sitges Festival last year, the director admitted that the original plan would be to do a trilogy from of the start. “When we began writing, we already had that kind of altarpiece in our heads, that kind of brutal trio, but we’re at it,” he explained.

Recognizing this, and contemplating how the first season finished, with Eduard Fernández’s father Vergara and Manolo Solo’s duplicitous Santoro both very dead after having fallen into the void – and this is shown on the camera, so there is no doubt about their fate—, the second part of ’30 coins’ is likely to focus on the majority of survivors, with the exception of last-minute resurrections or visits towards the past.


After eight episodes wherein Macarena Gómez’s Merche battled by becoming the stored procedure great villain, the persona did end up escaping Pedraza with the troubling Lagrange, trying to take one of the series’ coins with her; thereby, it would not be unrealistic for this pair to face Miguel Angel Silvestre’s Paco and Megan Montaner’s Elena, who might be on the softer side of that equation.

The part of Angelo, played by Cosmio Fusco, who went for a walk in New York after changing his look and taking the form of an Asian man, is more difficult to predict. Yes, it appears that the international dyes that have marked the narrative thus far will be maintained.