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Seeking Sister Wife Season 3: Ending Explanation

In the last episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton recognized that he and Kimberley were not a good match. The Winders chose to be grateful for what they had and hoped for a pregnant Tami as the next step. Alexandra dropped by for a group date with the Joneses. It did not go as planned, and she was not the one who was to blame. Christa has agreed to meet the Clarks, and they want to fly her out from Texas. Dimitri enlisted Ashley’s aid in planning a grandiose garden proposal for Chrissy. She said yes, and now she must officially marry him in order to remain in the United States.

Ultimately, the Merrifields travelled to Mexico to begin the process of childbirth. They leased a property and welcomed Dannielle’s parents as well as their two sons. To say the least, this should be an intriguing visit.

Seeking Sister Wife: Roberta comes in Mexico

Garrick and Roberta’s main purpose for the vacation to Mexico is to have a kid. They had planned to return for their wedding, but COVID changed their thoughts. Dannielle’s parents have only had the opportunity to meet her via video chat. They are still hesitant about plural marriage. It’s time to meet her in person, but she has no idea they’re there. Garrick informs his in-laws on where to hide after the Merrifields haven’t seen Bert in eight months.

When Bert walks through the door, the Merrifields and their children are bursting with embraces and affection. She is then led to the kitchen, where Scott and Lu are waiting for her. They embrace her as she breaks down in sobs. They acknowledge it’s weird that she refers to them as “mom” and “dad,” but they think she’s a sweet child. Scott is anxious about Bert being pregnant, although Mama Lu felt a connection.

What if she gives birth in Brazil? Lu just hopes Garrick has a strategy because so much about the situation is unclear. Garrick’s sole fear is that his in-laws may hear them when they are having an intimate moment. Scott, he believes, will be cool, but Lu will not be so forgiving. Putting music on is his answer. So, he has a strategy.

Seeking Sister Wife: Another Snowden Wedding

Dimitri and Ashley are just spiritually married so that he may marry Chrissy legally. In a previous episode, it was mentioned that paperwork had been filed to safeguard Ashley and their three children if anything happened to him. Dimitri proposed to Chrissy a week ago, and now their wedding day has arrived. They’re arranging flowers, some of which are South African-themed.

She is happy and in love, but it is difficult for Chrissy and her daughters to be away from South Africa for so long. Dimitri is ecstatic to show Ashley the rings he selected. He proposed with an anklet after they became engaged. He points out that this wedding is not at all like Vanessa’s.

COVID has made it extremely compact. It’s also the first time they’ve ever performed a legal wedding. This time, Ashley feels they’ve gotten it right. Chrissy, she has a feeling, is the appropriate fit for their family.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Wedding Day

Chrissy says that she has yet to notify her family that she is getting married on the wedding day. She communicates to them in her mother tongue on a daily basis. She has been quiet about this because she is afraid she would not receive their approval. She is most afraid of her brother, and she does not want to be forced to choose between love and family. Dimitri offers to come on and seek for their approval when she decides to perform the video conversation.

Her brother provides his support, despite his first surprise at the concept of a poly connection. He only wishes he could have been present to share the joy. Everyone is getting ready for Chrissy’s first formal marriage. The officiant is a friend of Dimitri’s, and they have a lot of papers to sign. Ashley is overjoyed to be able to give Chrissy the gift of formal marriage.

According to Dimitri, the first wedding was a complete disaster, but this time is different. Every day, he sees Chrissy choose them. They exchange rings, say their vows, and he shifts her engagement anklet to the other ankle. After that, Ashley gives her a Bindi. Women are the creators, which means Ashley started the family and is now passing the torch to her daughter. They hug and declare that their family is complete for the time being.

Seeking Sister Wife: Merrifield Family Bonding

Dannielle is conversing with her parents by the pool as Garrick and Bert collect drinks for the family. Because the youngsters are having fun, they are interrogating her. What will she think if Bert has a child? Mama Lu is attempting to avoid thinking of the two as intimate. Bert swiftly removes her cover-up to show a slinky bikini as the two arrive with beverages.

Dannielle quickly follows suit, albeit hers is a little more modest. She had just joked a few seconds before that Garrick was out kissing his other wife. Garrick pulls out the babymaker, a tequila they sampled on their most recent trip to Mexico. He raises his glass to the art of childbirth. Scott thinks that sounds filthy, and he’s right.

Lu inquires about Bert and Garrick’s readiness for this next stage. What if she becomes stranded in Brazil? Garrick says he trusts God to make everything work out. Scott will ask the following set of questions. Garrick just states that they will remain a family. Scott sees him forging forward regardless of the consequences, but he wants his SIL to remember that Dannielle is the reason he gets to be with Bert.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Making A Merrifield Baby

Bert and Garrick share a bed when they wake up. It’s been eight months since they’ve been intimate. They have successfully attempted to conceive a child. He asks whether she wants coffee or if she wants to try again, and she replies he may have anything he wants. Dannielle and her mother are outdoors, attempting to make sense of the event. Bert’s application to visit America has yet to be granted. Garrick, on the other hand, has made a giant step toward improving his life with her.

Garrick has been enjoying his time with everyone as time has passed. They have been cooking and playing together as a family. He is learning how a poly family functions, which makes him very pleased. Now is the moment for Scott to speak with his sister-in-law. He’d want to remind him of what Dannielle had to give up in order for Roberta to join the family. Garrick claims that Dannielle would always be his top concern, despite the fact that he and his family chose polygamy. As a result of this, he and Scott have grown closer, and Scott is now ready to be entirely honest with him.

If Roberta’s visa is denied, he discusses the possibility of a pregnancy. Garrick would be forced to go, but Scott is concerned for his daughter and grandchildren. After Garrick brings up some Bible texts, he urges him to man up. In Colorado, there are several duties, including the Merrifield business. Garrick hopes that the wives will band together and assist him, and that Scott will see the light.

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