Hubie Halloween: Top 5 Character | Storyline Summary & Ending Explanation

You only have to watch ‘Hubie Halloween’ on Netflix to witness Adam Sandler rush into action and save Halloween. The foolish and abused man at the core of the 2020 horror comedy flick only wants everyone to have fun responsibly. Hubie Dubois is more alert than ever before when a mysterious neighbor comes in next door and a patient escapes the insane institution. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hubie Halloween: Storyline Summary

Hubie Dubois is a man with a golden heart. However, he is an easy target for bullies and is frequently the brunt of jokes in his community. Hubie’s only goal is to guarantee that everyone has a safe yet enjoyable Halloween every year, and nothing has changed this year. Despite being harassed on a regular basis, he relies on his high-tech thermos and cycles around the neighborhood to keep things running properly. Violet Valentine is Hubie’s crush (Julie Bowen). He’s been in love with her since he was in second grade. Violet, who is now divorced, is parenting three foster children while working at a diner, where she meets Hubie on a regular basis.

When Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi) comes in next house, Hubie is told to avoid any disturbances coming from his house. In fact, he advises Hubie to turn the other cheek completely. Officer Steve Downing is terrified since Richie Hartman (Rob Schneider) had also escaped from a psychiatric facility at the same time (Kevin James). As a result, the officer advises Hubie to keep an eye out for anything unusual. When individuals inexplicably vanish all across town on Halloween night, the self-proclaimed Halloween defender steps in to safeguard the citizens of Salem.

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Hubie Halloween: Ending Explanation

Hubie first believes the abduction is his next-door neighbor, Walter, who also looks to be a werewolf. Officer Downing, on the other hand, feels Hubie’s old pal Richie Hartman is to blame. A call from the police station, however, disproves both of them. After fact, both Walter and Richie were already in police custody when Lester and Mrs. Hennessey were kidnapped. It turned out that the latter had merely broken out from the mental facility to bring his roommate, Walter, back with him.

With no leads, the tables are turned on Hubie, and everybody wonders whether he was kidnapping people as a kind of retaliation for the years of bullying he’s endured. However, this is not the case, and he flees to the WTCH radio station, where DJ Aurora informs Hubie that a lady has called in to dedicate songs to him. Inadvertently referring to an earlier (and private) chat between Hubie and Violet, the radio DJ also mentions Chardonnay.

As a result, the Halloween enthusiast phones the cops in the hopes of eliciting a confession from his sweetheart. Hubie panics when Violet arrives, so he uses the safe word: pumpkin. As a result, the cops contact the burner cell that DJ Aurora had mentioned. Violet’s name is cleared once and for all when the sound comes from Hubie’s residence. He runs back to support his mother after professing his love for her.

Mrs. Dubois (June Squibb) is, nonetheless, the mastermind behind everything. Mr. Landolfa, Mike Mundi, and Lester and Mrs. Hennessey have all been kidnapped in support of her son. They are tethered to trees, and the mother pours gasoline on them to set them ablaze. Hubie rescues the day by tossing his soup on top of the smoldering matchstick. The four are still disrespectful, but Mrs. Dubois calls everyone out on it.

Everyone shares their reasons for berating Hubie, ranging from “sex hope” to the fact that he has hair on his head, in an open and honest discussion. After performing the Frankenstein trick, Mrs. Dubois vanishes. Hubie does, however, hook up with Violet in the end. He also becomes Salem’s mayor. As he walks along the street, no one throws things or obscenities at him.

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Hubie Halloween: Top 5 Character Details

Hubie Dubois

Hubie Dubois is undoubtedly one of Adam Sandler’s most likeable characters. He is a really kind guy who solely wants to serve others, despite the fact that he has little reasons to do so.

Hubie is constantly mocked, humiliated, and ridiculed, but when given the option of seeing his bullies punished, he chooses to remain nice and forgive them. Despite his occasional clumsiness, Hubie’s positive attributes more than compensate for his flaws.

Violet Valentine

Violet Valentine, represented by Julie Bowen, the gorgeous girl at their school, is Hubie’s ideal lady. Hubie is still smitten with Violet from afar after all these years, and it’s easy to understand why. Violet is not only a lovely woman and a wonderful mother, but she is also one of the friendliest individuals in town.

She made it her duty to adopt and raise orphaned children. She is also, aside from Hubie’s mother, the only one who will defend him. Violet compliments Hubie on his generosity and kindness, despite the fact that she is as kind and kind.

Walter Lambert

Hubie’s new neighbor, Walter Lambert, played by Steve Buscemi, is one of the first persons who show him kindness. Walter is immediately thoughtful and helpful to Hubie. He goes out of his way to be polite and welcoming to his neighbors, even asking Hubie and his mother to dinner.

Walter is more than meets the eye, since he is actually an escaped mental patient who believes he is a werewolf, rather than a new neighbor. Walter is still a pleasant man, even when he transforms into a werewolf. The sole accusation levelled against him is that he allegedly slaughtered and ate farm animals.

Steve Downing

Hubie has known Sergeant Steve Downey, played by Kevin James, for the most of his life. He was Hubie’s former classmate and a superb athlete, whereas Hubie was the school’s laughingstock. Years later, Steve is the chief of the Salem Police Department, and he finds Hubie’s neurotic temperament to be a continual annoyance.

Steve isn’t very nice to Hubie, but he’s not a complete jerk. And, while he isn’t the most efficient policeman, he insists on the mayor cancelling the Halloween celebrations if people start going disappearing.

Richie Hartman

On Halloween night, there are a variety of perils hovering around Salem. One of the most notable is Ritchie Hartman, an escaped mental patient who appears to be returning to his village.

While Ritchie appears to be the one who is kidnapping people throughout town at first, it is later discovered that he is actually a nice man. He is Walter Lambert’s roommate at the institute, and he just broke out to find and return his friend home.

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