SK8 The Infinity: Top 10 Character Details

Sk8 The Infinity from Funimation is similar to other sports anime. A cast of characters revolves on skating, however “S” is more of an underground event than a sanctioned event.

Reki, the underdog protagonist, rallies a team of skaters to defeat Adam, the wealthy and eccentric co-founder of “S.” In no particular order, the finest characters from Sk8 are those that strive to be the best they can be for themselves and their friends, even if it takes some time.

1. Reki Kyan

Reki is a sophomore who spends his leisure time at a skate store, manufacturing skateboards, and participating in “S.” He fits the character of the upbeat underdog hero who enjoys his sport but does not believe himself to be the greatest. Reki is a selfless buddy who trains Langa and defends Miya because he genuinely cares about his friends’ safety and success.

Langa’s biggest problem becomes his sudden dread of falling behind and loss of self-worth after seeing how quickly he improves at skating. Reki regains his enthusiasm and acknowledges to his mistake in judgement after realizing that he is a powerful skater who produces outstanding boards unique to the rider. As he navigates through his sadness, his buddies never leave his side, demonstrating that he is a nice guy, friend, and key character.

2. Koyomi Kyan

Reki’s youngest sibling is Koyomi. She doesn’t get much screen time, but she shows compassion for Reki when he’s upset and even attempts to cheer him up by telling him how awesome he looks when he’s skating.

She caps off the happy finish of season 1 with a fast showoff on Reki’s skateboard, which is unexpected but spectacular. She responds so nonchalantly by returning her attention to her family and flashing a peace sign.

3. Langa Hasegawa

Langa Hasegawa, a Canadian snowboarder, didn’t expect to be interested in any extracurricular activities when he went to Okinawa. Langa’s father died, and he was the one who consistently trained and snowboarded with him. He never expected to break out of his shell or pursue another activity after losing his father, until he met Reki.

Langa appears to be falling for Reki, and when he tells his mother that he likes someone, she guesses it’s a female, he’s perplexed. Although there has been no official confirmation of their connection, it is frequently assumed for future Sk8 material Apart from the future potential of their relationship, Langa discovers over the season that Reki keeps skating fun, and skating without him does seem like work he doesn’t wish to accomplish. He aims to make his competitor, Adam, called Ainosuke, realize the same thing.

4. Kojiro Nanjo

Kojiro Nanjo, one of the creators of the underworld competition “S,” is known as Joe. His powerful body lets him to push off obstructions with his legs and posture on his board in unexpected ways with his arms as he skates more violently.

He runs and operates “Sia la luce,” an Italian restaurant by day, before wearing his nocturnal skate identity for “S” events at night. He and Koaru Sakurayashiki grew up with Ainosuke and remained friends even after Ainosuke/behavior Adam’s spiraled out of control. Joe is protective; despite picking on his best buddy, Cherry, he is the first to rush to his help after Cherry is hurt and taken to the hospital by Adam.

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5. Kaoru Sakurayashiki

Cherry Blossom, also known as Kaoru, is a well-known calligrapher by day and a disguised, technologically sophisticated skater by night. He does his hardest to keep the two personalities separate, even criticizing Reki when he refers to him by his skate name during a public event. Cherry is the third creator of “S” and plans his actions with the help of his artificially intelligent skateboard, Carla.

Koaru comes seen as a calm, courteous, and intelligent guy, and while this continues to his Cherry character, when he’s skating, he adds a little roughness and competitiveness. Despite his icy attitude toward Joe and even some of the others, he is always prepared to offer counsel to his buddies.

6. Tadashi Kikuchi

Tadashi was a minor character who emerged as “Snake” at a “S” event in order to assassinate his employer, Ainosuke/Adam, so that he could concentrate on his politics rather than his skating. Tadashi was the butler’s son when he was a child in the Shindo home, and as they grew older, he became Ainosuke’s right hand. He criticizes himself for Ainosuke’s skating addiction, and it is only later in the season that he sees it is his escape from his family’s burdens.

Tadashi skates gracefully as he dances through his skills, and because he had never participated until the final competition, everyone assumed his moves came from Adam, although in fact, He was also the one who showed Adam/Ainosuke how to do everything. For the sake of Ainosuke’s profession, he is loyal to his friend and retains his skate identity.

7. Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen doesn’t have a skate character since he is simply himself, skating to improve every time. He is a middle school student who aspires to play for Japan’s national team. According to Reki, mastering the ollie in less than two or three months is almost unheard of, yet Miya did it in just two weeks.

He lost friends as he won more accolades as a result of his amazing talents, and it wasn’t until Reki and Langa entered his life that he genuinely felt like he had a community again.

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8. Shokichi Oka

Shokichi is a small figure who has a significant impact on Reki’s life. He is the proprietor of “DOPE SKETCH” and the boss of Langa and Reki. Sketchy, his fennec fox, is with him, and while he attacks Reki and Langa, he snuggles close to Shokichi.

Shokichi values his employees so much that he prevents Reki from delivering skateboards after he is injured in a race with Shadow. He also understands Reki because they have a similar relationship with skating and not feeling good enough; when he tries to find Reki defeated in an alleyway, he tells him that he only let himself get beat up because he “hated himself right now,” but that wasn’t what he’s really like and that he’d return to skating because he adored it.

9. Hiromi Higa

Hiromi, sometimes known as “Shadow,” seldom uses his true name outside of the flower store where he works. He is upbeat and motivated to win over his employer at the florist, and he is generally surrounded by pastel hues to match his attitude. When he skates, he adopts a rock-and-roll clown character and employs prankster manoeuvres to dispatch his opponents. His characteristic move is to toss “pop-it” pyrotechnics to confuse his opponents, which is possibly why he was presented as an adversary.

After becoming a teacher to Reki, Langa, and Miya, his job transforms. He is concerned of his pals like Hiromi and Shadow, and is sometimes referred to be the “father” simply because he is older than the three young protagonists and is always the driver when they are in a jam, such as requiring last-minute trips to “S.”

10. Ainosuke Shinbo

There must be a villain, and Ainosuke, also known as Adam in the “S” universe, is both the worst character and the finest villain. By the end of season 1, viewers get a glimpse of his possible redemption. After day, Ainosuke Shinbo is a lawmaker who brought up accompanied by misleading words from his angry aunts and with a butler’s son as his lone supporter in the face of his father’s criticism.

When Tadashi, the butler’s son, first introduced young Ainosuke to skateboarding, he was enthralled, but as an adult, he exploited the sport to convert “S” into something much more wicked. He wanted to be the greatest and stay the top at all costs, even if it meant physically harming anyone who stood in his way. And even when Langa turned up to give him a run for his money, Adam kept going until Langa dragged him out of his “zone” and back into to the joy of skating. Although his future is uncertain, he encourages the other major characters to continue skating as a sports competition and picks up a few tips along the way.

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