Run Hide Fight: Storyline & Review

Kyle Rankin wrote and directed Run Hide Fight, a 2020 American action thriller film. On September 10, 2020, the film made its global debut at the Venice Film Festival. The film was distributed in North America by The Daily Wire and aired on their platform on January 14, 2021, to mixed reviews from reviewers.

Run Hide Fight: Storyline

Zoe Hull, a high school teenager, is failing to deal with her mom, Jennifer’s passing has impacted her relationship with her father, Todd.  Zoe sees classmate Chris Jelick place a weird gadget in a field on the way to school, but dismisses it as a joke. Zoe’s closest friend Lewis tries to ask her to prom at school, but it backfires, and Zoe flees to the restroom after a drink is dumped on her. Several incendiary devices have been set off across town, confusing first responders and obstructing the roadways. Four school shooters are in a vehicle that smashes into the school cafeteria.

Tristan Voy, the commander, instructs Chris Jelick, Anna Jelick, and Kip Quade, his collaborators, to begin murdering pupils. Lewis, who has access to the school’s Facebook page, has been charged with broadcasting Tristan live. Zoe escapes the school by crawling through the restroom ceiling. She begins by issuing warnings and assisting pupils in escaping. Tristan makes a call to the front desk to inform them about the shooting. The school’s administrator and security guard are dispatched to the cafeteria to investigate because school procedure demands that the shooting be confirmed.

Tristan’s fury is blamed on the principal, who tries to calm him down. Tristan, on the other hand, says that his sole goal is to wreak havoc. Tristan murders the principle but lets the unarmed security guard flee, reflecting on the guy’s lack of preparation for a real shooting. The front office declares a lockdown once the issue is established. Sheriff Tarsy attempts, but fails, to coordinate a response to the shooting. The first police officer to arrive is killed by an explosion in the front office. Anna is dispatched to survey the situation, but she runs across Zoe and is slain in the ensuing struggle.

Sheriff Tarsy makes a broadcast on-air call to Tristan to give cover, but Tristan quickly recognizes the hoax. Tristan insists that Zoe disclose herself to him, threatening to murder captives every five minutes unless she does. Kip feels regret for what he has done when Zoe returns. Zoe has Kip ambush Tristan as partial retribution for his crimes, and in the following pandemonium, which leaves Kip dead and Lewis wounded, Zoe flees with Lewis. Lewis is calmed by Zoe, who explains that she shares his feelings for her but finds it difficult to express them. Lewis informs her that there are bombs in the lunch van.

Chris is dispatched to assassinate Zoe, but he is assassinated by Todd, who has taken up a shooting position outside the school, just as Chris is about to carry out his mission. Tristan’s livestream gets hijacked by Zoe, who tells Tristan that she is the one who will be remembered, not him. Tristan sets the van on fire and flees with a solitary captive and a bomb. By shifting into reverse and pressing the gas pedal with Chris’ weapon, Zoe drives the van out of the cafeteria and it explodes in the empty parking lot. Zoe then tries to track down Tristan but is apprehended by SWAT.

Zoe sees Sheriff Tarsy outside the school, who praises her for her work and informs her that Tristan perished in an explosion. Zoe meets with her father to express her affection for him and to mend their connection. She later finds Tristan running into the woods after feigning his own death. Zoe takes out her father’s hunting gun and kills Tristan as he is retrieving a stash of cash and a passport. Zoe stands over Tristan and watches him bleed to death, reminding him that this is what he deserved for what he’s done.

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Run Hide Fight: Main Character

  • Todd Hull is played by Thomas Jane.
  • Jennifer Hull is played by Radha Mitchell.
  • Zoe Hull is played by Isabel May.
  • Tristan Voy is played by Eli Brown.
  • Lewis Washington is played by Olly Sholotan.
  • Williams should be treated as if he were Sheriff Tarsy.
  • Mrs. Jane Crawford is played by Barbara Crampton.
  • Kip Quade is played by Cyrus Arnold.

Run Hide Fight: Review

Critics gave Run Hide Fight a mixed response. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 42% approval rating 5.3/10.

Beyond its location, Run Hide Fight doesn’t add anything new to the concept, but it doesn’t need to. This is a very high-quality production with a lot of personality, even down to the set design and costumes, and it moves quickly enough that we don’t have time to notice the flaws. It’s Rankin’s strongest picture, and a step up from last year’s Becky, which explored some comparable territory.

The setting is rarely convincing, and the shooters’ final plan is a puzzler. But that’s probably for the best, because the parts that do feel realistic, such when a teacher approaches Tristan and tries to reason with him, come across as queasily tasteless.

Run Hide Fight was always going to split audiences, and the fact that it’ll be released on The Daily Wire won’t help matters; many people will avoid viewing the film just because of the streaming site. But don’t let that deter you: regardless of where it’s playing, this is one of the finest action pictures of early 2021.

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Run Hide Fight: Conclusion

Some of the most well-known films we’ve ever seen and recommended to friends, family, and strangers as must-sees. Because this film has a few idiosyncrasies that may work for some and be a problem for others, we feel your appreciation of it will be determined by your personal preferences. While one or two components kept us interested till the end, we believe this film never lived up to its hype. Run Hide Fight serves as a reminder that just because COVID-19 has become synonymous with the term “pandemic,” it doesn’t mean there aren’t a slew of others that have yet to be addressed.

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