9-1-1 Season 2 Final Episode Explanation: Everything We Know

The second season of 9-1-1, the drama about first responders, came to a close Monday night with a sequence of shocking twists and the ultimate declaration of love.

The Fox series began with a news story announcing that a second parcel bomb had been discovered in Los Angeles in two days.

However, what first appeared to be a bomb turned out to be a backpack holding a little girl’s rejected lunch. The bag was detonated in a controlled explosion, and the kid later revealed that she didn’t say anything since her family had packed tuna, which she despises. There would, unfortunately, be more bombs to come.

Across the program, firemen and doctors ran from one emergency to the next, along with a stunt car driver who had his long hair trapped in his vehicle’s engine and had to be scalped.

The car is “eating him alive!” according to the man’s wife.

As the parcel bomber’s spree continues, Athena (Angela Bassett) and Bobby (Peter Krause) discover they have a link to the culprit.

The bomb maker’s father blew up a restaurant years ago, and they were all engaged in the investigation. The bomber was apprehended and executed, but his son seeks vengeance. He comes for Bobby after targeting a judge and an insurance adjuster.

A ladder truck explodes as a fire rescue squad arrives to the site. Buck (Oliver Stark) is stuck beneath the truck and may lose a limb if he does not receive assistance soon.


However, the bomber, who is wearing a suicide vest, is standing nearby and refusing to let rescuers help Buck. In order to murder Bobby, the bomber keeps calling for the captain.

The bomber seduces Bobby as soon as he gets on the scene.

Just like something terrible looks to be about to happen, Bobby snatches the bomber and LAPD snipers rush in, preventing tragedy.

Bobby feels he doesn’t want to wait any longer to marry Athena after nearly losing his life. When he arrives to her residence, she is seated at the dining room table.

“What are you doing today?” he inquires.

“Laundry, grocery shopping, the usual,” Athena says, in full mom mode.

“How about we tie the knot instead?” Bobby inquires. “You, me, and the kids,” says the narrator.

He’s worried she won’t be able to clothe herself, but Athena sneakily replies, “I have a dress.”


Athena is seen wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress as the two walk to the courthouse for an impromptu wedding (after months of preparing a larger ceremony).

Athena and Bobby exchange vows, and love wins over a slew of challenges.

20th Century Fox Television, in collaboration with Ryan Murphy Television and Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, produces 9-1-1. The show’s creators and executive producers are Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear. Executive producers include Alexis Martin Woodall, Bradley Buecker, Angela Bassett, and Peter Krause.

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Does Final Episode Brings Everyone A Happy Ending?


It’s exactly what I’d want as a fan. I wanted to end on a positive note. I hoped to receive some of the things that had been promised to me. It’s not all that dissimilar from the finale of Season 1. It’s a bookend, in fact. Bobby tosses the book aside and finally sets up a date – and it’s Athena! So this is the logical progression of that, as well as the manner in which he proposed to her at Christmas. All of this made complete sense to me. I also wished Maddie to return to Chimney, and Eddie and his son to spend some time together. But life can’t be all flowers, so Buck was faced with an existential dilemma.

Buck in a Relationship with Ali

What was significant with Ali — at least in this season, which was about “this life we choose” — was having somebody who didn’t select that life, who was outside of it and looking at it from a new perspective.


It’s not like Abby abandoned Buck in the first season ending; this is still the start of a romance. It’s a mature lady deciding to face something she doesn’t sure how she feels about right now. That’s where they’re at right now.

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Eddie Isn’t Going Back to El Paso

Here’s the truth: Eddie’s genesis story, and how he came into this world with Christopher, made a lot in the audience uncomfortable with her. On screen, [Ryan Guzman] and [Gavin McHugh] are a force to be reckoned with, so anyone who walked away from that young child — even if we hadn’t met her yet — would be fighting an uphill battle with the viewers. There was a lot of fan reaction to the character, which I noticed. I did that to add depth to Eddie’s character and give him something to react to.


He’s a single parent, a military hero, and he lacks toxic masculinity – he was almost too ideal of a character. Devon Kelly, who plays Shannon, is one of my favorite actors. She’s a fantastic actress who reminds me of every 1970s film star I’ve ever admired. And I’m looking forward to working with her again.

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