Good Witch Season 6: Final Episode ‘The Bird’ Review

We had ends, new beginnings, and a lot of unsolved questions on Good Witch Season 6 Episode 10. There is no chance we won’t get a second season. Hallmark, just make the announcement!

The story’s backbone was the completion of the Roderick Davenport mansion, which included stories from Martha, Joy, Donna, Abigail, and Donovan, among others.

Martha was giddy with anticipation of the project’s completion and the prospect of throwing a housewarming party.

But she ran up against a few roadblocks, prompting her to seek Cassie’s help in swaying the day in her favor.

Cassie was not at the top of her game, which Martha was unaware of. Yes, she was with Cassie when she discovered the small sack of dirt at the Bell, Book & Candle, but she was unaware of Cassie and Sam’s discord.

Combining lives is difficult, and despite all that has happened in the previous two seasons, Cassie and Sam have yet to find a method to spend time together that would benefit them both.

They had quite diverse interests, yet it was so beautiful to see how eager they were to find something they could enjoy together. Golf & meditation both have the same goal in mind, but they are vastly different. Sam was bored with meditation, while Cassie was bored by golf. They did, however, master the sultry pottery wheel.

Who else was reminded of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the most iconic sequence from that film? You create together out of love.

Cassie was also feeling sad, fearful that some opportunity would tempt Joy away from Middleton. Cassie, have you ever seen her with tears in her eyes?

Since Joy’s arrival, they’ve all grown close to her, and their family is more aware of their past than they’ve ever been. Joy is like a missing ingredient of their familial jigsaw, and it’s difficult to see the Merriwicks without her. Abigail would still be ruled by a curse if she hadn’t arrived. Joy is a Merriwick in every sense of the word.

Despite this, Donna continued to make decisions for Joy on her own while touting her own praises as a friend. Donna, I’m sorry, but a good friend does not hide important information. She’s self-centered, and she’ll have to make a great effort to regain my favor.

Donna would know, if she knew her friends as well as she claimed, that Joy’s hesitation to jump at the chance in Vermont wasn’t due to her uncertainty; it was due to her decision not to attend. Joy was only thinking the transfer because it would satisfy an old friend, and she thought there were no other urgent options in Middleton, not that she had the time to look into any before Donna said they had taken job elsewhere.

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Nothing in the circumstance is acceptable, and Cassie appears to be crying because she realizes that someone, she cares about doesn’t have all of the facts before making a critical decision.

Yes, Joy and Donna collaborated effectively to build Martha’s home, but there was still a lot about her friend that irritated Joy.

Cassie’s irritation could be seen when Donna rearranged the seats in Cassie’s meditation chamber only seconds after she finished. Joy should be able to recognize the indicators that her buddy hasn’t changed, but she doesn’t.

As much as I despise cliffhangers, the one we were left with worked brilliantly to guarantee Joy’s involvement in the yet-to-be-announced Season 7 of Good Witch.

Who in their right mind could ignore the enigma surrounding the dirt sacks? She’s travelled such a long distance to locate her family, and I don’t think Donna will be able to keep her away, especially because Donna is deceitful. Abigail declined to attend or provide flowers for Martha’s housewarming, and it’s difficult to blame her.

She’s been unable to express her feelings to the guy she loves, and they’ve been living under a curse that dates back to the mansion’s original owner. Even if it helped her buddy, Abigail didn’t want to do the guy any favors.

The longer she refused to participate, the more I believed that being there at the housewarming would be the deciding factor. Abigail and Donovan had been allowing the curse to control them, and they had finally realized it.

Abigail was overjoyed at the prospect of sharing a romantic evening with Donovan among their friends, and Martha’s swift reminder that she was always welcome at their house was comforting. Friendship was prevailing, curses be damned.

Attending the housewarming was critical to dispelling the curse. The curse would not have been broken if Sam hadn’t discovered the spyglass and connected it to the artwork. Was it all a ruse to guarantee that the next Merriwick-Davenport union would be successful?

It looks so, based on the diamond ring that sprang out of the treasure box after the diamond, ruby, and emerald were rejoined.

Nothing could break Donovan and Abigail apart now, after everything they’ve been through to be together. Given how badly the previous union ended, it’s possible that the curse was placed to put the next pair who dared to join forces to the test.

It worked because Donovan didn’t hesitate once the green signal was given. He proposed right then and there, and Abigail’s expression changed from stress to delight.

Sarah Power was excellent in that moment. It’s intriguing to think about what else is in store for the duo on a program that has never been more interested in adult couples.

Stephanie and Adam are the next people we’ll meet. Adam’s emotions are all over the place. He’s not convinced by the objective, and he’s afraid of abandoning Stephanie.

Stephanie agrees with his purpose, but not with the fact that it is open-ended. How could she have known? It’s a lot to ask, and Adam’s claim that their long-distance relationship was merely transitory shown that he didn’t have a good read on the issue.

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Isn’t it true that no one in a long-distance relationship believes it’s permanent? Or, at the very least, the vast majority of them. They’re no longer children, and Stephanie doesn’t have time to wait if she wants to start a family.

Proposing, on the other hand, was not the solution. Donna concealing information from Joy is a similar concept. Adam’s intentions were conditional, and no one should enter into a marriage with those terms.

He did think about it before proposing, but the final image we saw of Adam appeared to show a lightbulb coming off above his head. His grin was contented and knowing.

We’ll have to wait and see if it meant he offered Stephanie a compromise in the form of a time restriction on his quest or if he just understood he was doing the correct decision. It may seem unusual to have four couples happily in love in Middleton, but if Stephanie and Adam recommit, Joy might provide a link to the dating scene. That would be OK with me.

Middleton’s charm is that people fall in love and stay in love. Take a look at how much Tom adores Martha. He never fails to express his adoration for his wife or to tell her how fortunate they are to be together and how much she means to him.

With so few series on television that deal with love triangles and dating escapades, it’s a real treat to see happy, well-matched couples.

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