Don’t Let Go: How Far We Know About This Sci-fi Horror Movie!

Don’t Let Go is a 2019 American science fiction horror thriller film written and directed by Jacob Aaron Estes. Don’t Let Go released on 27th January, 2019. You are robbed of the opportunity to say what you need to say when a loved one is taken from you in death. There’s a lot of work to be done. But what if that individual reached out to you from beyond the grave? What if the person’s death caused a kink in the space-time continuum, allowing you to interact while being on separate timelines?

Grief wreaks havoc on your mind. To get over loss, the brain comes up with various types of “magical thinking”. This is at the core of the screenplay for “Don’t Let Go,” and it’s a letdown when so much is left unexplored, when the film succumbs to the demands of a formulaic storyline that propels the tale along.

Don’t Let Go Movie Storyline

************Warning! This Part Could Be Spoiler for You**************

Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo), a homicide detective, receives a call from his niece Ashley (Storm Reid). Garret (Brian Tyree Henry), her father (and Jack’s brother), had neglected to bring her up. Ashley and Jack meet in a restaurant, and Jack pledges to talk to his brother, a former drug dealer who is on bipolar illness medication, about being responsible. The next night, a terrified Ashley calls Jack with a brief, jumbled message. He rushes to Ashley’s house, where he discovers Garret, Ashley’s mother, and Ashley all dead. The case is being investigated as a murder-suicide by Garret. Despite the fact that his colleague Bobby, who has been assigned the case, consoles him, Jack continues to blame himself. He believes that his tough chat with Garret was the catalyst for his heinous conduct.

Jack starts receiving calls from Ashley’s phone two weeks later, despite the fact that the line has been terminated. Ashley speaks to him as if nothing is wrong when he responds. Jack quickly finds that he has been conversing with Ashley over the phone for several days prior to her death. Ashley is completely unaware of her fate and is unaware that she will be communicating with Jack in the future. Jack withholds the perplexing reality from Ashley, hoping that with his help, she would be able to change the course of events and avert the murder-suicide. From this point on, the film alternates between Jack’s present and Ashley’s past.

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Jack becomes sure that Garret was framed for the crime as he analyses leads Ashley uncovers in the past. Jack comes across a reference to a “Georgie,” and his captain, Howard (Alfred Molina), informs him that Georgie is a rumored drug kingpin who has been linked to a number of large drug deals for years. Jack is persuaded that the enigmatic Georgie is the true assailant.

Jack is killed in a drive-by shooting while investigating. Ashley contacts him as he is dying, and he urges her to call the cops to get her father arrested for drug use, and to call his buddy Bobby if she believes she is in danger. Instead, only the date and exact facts of the triple crime alter, which Jack thinks will prevent Ashley’s murder. Ashley’s modification of the past also affects Jack’s own prior choices, resulting in his not being shot and being unhurt. When Jack finds that Ashley’s murder took place a day earlier, on the same day that Ashley is in, he tells Ashley the truth about their phone talks and her death. He begs her to leave town in order for them to live, and she agrees.

Jack speaks with Howard and Bobby, who disclose that “Georgie” is a collection of dishonest officers, not a person. Howard and Bobby have been assisting internal affairs in their investigation into the department’s scheme. They take Jack to a private spot where they can talk about the inquiry. Bobby kills Howard outright, showing that he is a member of the Georgie plot. He was given the responsibility of assassinating Garret after he refused to help them with a huge narcotics trade. Bobby murdered the family and falsely accused Garret.

However, Ashley has phoned Bobby for a ride home in the past, intending for him to safeguard her family. When they arrive, though, Bobby kills Garret and Ashley’s mother. Ashley runs away. Bobby immediately wants to know who Jack’s witness is, presuming that all of Jack’s proof must have originated from an informant. After that, Jack receives a call from Ashley, which he answers while holding the phone close to Bobby’s ear. He tells Ashley that if she saves herself, she will rescue him. Bobby is getting ready to shoot Jack. Ashley has already led the chasing Bobby to Jack’s residence.

After a lengthy exchange of quiet with his future self, the past version of Jack emerges to see his blood-splattered buddy prepared to shoot Ashley. Bobby is held at gunpoint by Jack, and Jack shoots him, erasing the future. Ashley, who is crying, is consoled by Jack.

Casting of Don’t Let Go

  • Detective Jack Radcliff, Ashley’s uncle and Garret’s younger brother, is played by David Oyelowo.
  • Ashley Radcliff, Garret’s daughter and Jack’s niece, is played by Storm Reid.
  • Sergeant Roger Martin is played by Byron Mann.
  • Bobby Owens is played by Mykelti Williamson.
  • Howard Keleshian, Jack and Bobby’s employer, is played by Alfred Molina.
  • Garret Radcliff, Ashley’s father, Susan’s husband, and Jack’s brother, is played by Brian Tyree Henry.
  • Susan Radcliff, Ashley’s mother and Garret’s wife, is played by Shinelle Azoroh.

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Don’t Let Go Fans Reviews

This film was enjoyable enough to see again. At the same time, I adore suspense and mystery films. The notion of time travel was given a unique twist. Denzel Washington’s performance reminded me of something I’d seen before. The chemistry between Ashly and Uncle Jack was a breath of new air, and the brothers’ actual friendship was authentic.

In any family, there is always a nice and terrible sibling. It was at times difficult to keep up with, but I liked that I didn’t figure out who was who until the very end of the film; it had my family and me on the edge of our seats. Storm Reid and David Oyelowo performed an excellent job on this project, and I hope you get acknowledged for it.

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