Yes Day: Review & Plot Summary | Will There Be a Part 2 of Yes Day?

Yes Day is a 2021 Comedy – drama film directed by Miguel Arteta, inspired on the children’s book of the same name by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld and based on a screenplay and screen scenario by Justin Malen. Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez, and Jenna Ortega feature in the film.

It was published on Netflix on March 12, 2021. It got mixed reviews from reviewers, who lauded Garner and Ortega’s performances while criticizing the film’s writing for not taking “full advantage of its wish-fulfillment concept.” Ortega was nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the 2021 Imagen Awards.

Yes Day Movie Plot Summary

I understand. Or, to put it another way, I’m a parent, so I say “no.” There’s nothing quite like being in charge of the continuing life of that little bundle in your arms, and as they learn to crawl, put objects in their mouths, and investigate the world around them, it might feel as if the world is working against them. Then there’s middle school, which brings with it a whole new set of dangers. As a result, it appears that saying “no” is the only option to keep children safe.

Allison Torres (Jennifer Garner) is faced with this issue, as her three children rebel against her forbidding, rejecting, declining, “nope on a rope,” virtually reflexive usage of the word “no.” Allison isn’t pleased about it either. She’s perplexed as to how she ended herself there. She used to be someone who “say yes to everything.” As they went skydiving and rock climbing, she met Carlos (Edgar Ramrez) and “it was like finding a companion in yes. Yes, was like the theme of our relationship.”

Then there are the kids, and then there are the adults “The word “no” has replaced the word “yes.” No is an unavoidable aspect of the job. The light is no. The answer is no.” Allison is weary of saying no, but she feels obligated to compensate for Carlos, who is the “no” man at work and wants to be the fun dad at home. She also wishes she had the ability to say no to her children growing up and being less reliant on her.

When their children’s instructors observe that no makes them feel suffocated, if not jailed, the school guidance counsellor (Nat Faxon) proposes a “Yes Day,” in which the parents must say yes to everything. There are certain restrictions: the day must be earned via chores and improved grades, and all yeses must be limited to the day (no “can we adopt a dog?”), not harmful or unlawful, and within a fair budget and travel distance.

Katie (Jenna Ortega), the oldest Torres kid, ups the ante with a wager: if her mother says no to anything throughout the Yes Day, she will get to attend to a music festival with her friends that evening, with no adult supervision. Allison will accompany her to the festival if she loses the bet.

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets wounded,” parents remark when telling their children no. For a time, it’s a lot of fun, as the Torres kids take away their parents’ screens, give their mother a glitter and tutu makeover, and serve a massive “gut-buster” ice cream dish for breakfast.

Yes Day 2 Casting

Jennifer Garner landed a role of the picture in September 2018, with Miguel Arteta director from a script by Justin Malen and Netflix releasing it.

Jenna Ortega, Édgar Ramrez, and Julian Lerner joined the cast of the film in October 2019.

Megan Stott revealed her participation in the film in April 2020.

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Yes Day Movie Review

With less compelling characters and a less sophisticated narrative, director Miguel Arteta and co-producer Garner collaborated on the charming “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” but this one lacks the fire and heart of that film. It depends too much on a “and then an even crazier event happened” plot, easy gags like a toddler who can’t even read yet making precocious comments (and twerking), and toilet and crotch-hit comedy coupled with a lot of cartoon-style pandemonium. However, it’s a fun, family-friendly frolic filled with wish-fulfilling yeses, lengthy hilarious mayhem, and gratifying outcomes.

Indeed, there is learning as well as embracing. Garner is as charming as ever, and it’s nice to see Allison’s smile return, especially when they play Kablowey, a chaotic, neither game that mixes Capture the Flag and Paintball but with Lemonade water balloons. Garner and Ramirez have a natural affinity with one other and the three kids, which demonstrates how much they really care about one another.

The supporting ensemble, like the bilingual Torres family, is delightfully varied and includes top comedy talent such as Faxon, Fortune Feimster as an ambulance driver, James Kyson as the ice cream shop owner, and Arturo Castro as a kind officer. If you believe Allison would unexpectedly confide in a stranger, or that two important employees would quit their jobs and a big recording artist would cancel a show to keep the Yes Day continuing, this film may just motivate you to create your own Yes Day.

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Will There Be a Sequel for Yes Day?

Netflix is developing a sequel to the family comedy Yes Day. Allison and Carlos Torres, played by Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramrez, are a couple who, after always feeling like they’re saying ‘no’ to their three children, decide to offer them a ‘Yes Day,’ during which the kids get to determine the rules for 24 hours.

Now, Netflix has confirmed that a Yes Day sequel is in the works, with Garner reprising her role as Allison. The Yes Day sequel is part of Garner’s multi-picture arrangement with Netflix, in which he will feature in and produce future films for the streaming service.

What to Expect from Yes Day 2?

Yes Day concludes with Allison mounting the stage at Fleek Fest and enlisting the aid of artist H.E.R. to locate Kate. However, the others try to keep an out-of-control home party under order. The Torres family connects at the end of the film during a backyard camping scenario, and the Netflix film ends without a typical cliffhanger. Allison, on the other hand, says she’s looking forward to the “next” Yes Day, while Carlos adopts a harsher approach with the kids, implying that a sequel may be all about Garner’s character’s further maturation (and how her family responds). Yes Day 2 would thus be comparable in spirit to Jim Carrey’s 2008 film Yes Man.

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