Clarice Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Recent Updates

How dark do you think this programme is going to go? Clarice, the CBS television show, has been cancelled or has it been revived for a second season, and why? It is on this page that you will be kept informed about the status of Clarice season two, as the television vulture keeps track of all the latest cancellation and renewal news.

Clarice is a CBS television show in which Rebecca Breeds, Michael Cudlitz, Lucca de Oliveira, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow, Devyn Tyler, and Marnee Carpenter feature as the titular character.

The series delves into FBI Agent Clarice Starling’s (Breeds) previously hidden personal narrative as she returns to the field in 1993, one year after the pursuit of serial killer Buffalo Bill (Simon Northwood). In addition to her brilliant and fragile inner light, Clarice’s boldness pulls both monsters and lunatics to her.

What Happened in Clarice Season 1?

Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds) faced and exacted justice from the genuine perpetrators of the complicated scheme, Nils Hagen (Peter McRobbie) and his son, Tyson Conway, at the end of season one (Douglas Smith). Clarice’s heinous crime entailed a terrifying web of deceit, abuse, and murder, all driven by Hagen’s dreadful demands, which were as twisted as Buffalo Bill’s and the other murderous maniacs in the Hannibal world. Starling learned painful memories and realities about her family that she had repressed since infancy while solving the River Murders case.


In episode 12, “Father Time,” Clarice resigned from the FBI, and she was pursued at home by Tyson Conway, who had been instructed by his father to kidnap Starling. Meanwhile, Hagen’s firm, Alastor Pharmaceuticals, was investigated by the FBI’s Violent Crimes Apprehension Program (ViCAP). They quickly suspected Clarice was in danger, and when exploring the apartment they share, Ardelia Mapp discovered the fragments of the precious jewellery Clarice’s father had given her, which she recognized as a hint that she had been kidnapped. Tomas Esquivel (Lucca De Oliveira) utilized unlawful strongarm techniques to track down an Alastor-owned animal rendering business, and the ViCAP was dispatched to save Starling.

Meanwhile, Clarice was exposed to Hagen’s ritualistic torture of his son, who was told to murder Starling to show his allegiance, and she learnt the grisly facts of why Hagen’s serial kidnapping and murders of pregnant women smuggled into the United States. Instead, Clarice used her cunning to turn father and son against one another, resulting in Conway killing Hagen and then dying himself while ViCAP liberated the ladies Hagen had imprisoned.


The River Murders Chemicals case was a complex plan with numerous moving elements that spanned Clarice’s first season. Clarice’s inquiry had a personal toll on her at the same time, as she was continually traumatised by her experiences, which included being kidnapped and kept captive twice. Clarice eventually found the truth about the River Murders and about herself, and triumphed in season 1’s resonant and fulfilling ending, despite Starling’s belief that she “lost up on herself” near the end.

What Could Clarice’s Season 2 Story Be About?

Clarice spent the first season guiding Agent Starling away from the two serial killers with whom she is inextricably linked, Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal was never shown or referenced on Clarice for legal concerns, instead the episode cantered on Starling dealing with her residual anguish over Buffalo Bill. Clarice also utilized Thomas Harris’ work The Silence of the Lambs as a springboard to flesh out Starling’s past, revealing a more intricate family life than she described to Lecter.


Furthermore, Starling had erroneously constructed her self-image on her deceased father, while Clarice had suppressed memories of his transgressions. Season 2 of Clarice will most likely focus on what Starling’s unexpected self-discovery means for her future.

Clarice also had rocky working relationships with ViCAP, which she finally gained respect and trust from, as well as Attorney General Ruth Martin and her daughter, Catherine (Marnee Carpenter), Buffalo Bill’s scarred final victim and survivor. If Clarice season 2 comes, there will be a fresh mystery to unravel after Agent Starling and ViCAP discovered the season 1 plot.

Clarice Season 2 Renewal Update

Clarice will not return to CBS in the autumn of 2021, despite the fact that it has not been officially cancelled. Clarice was the network’s lowest-rated and most-watched show. Streaming on Paramount+, though, it fared well. Clarice was part of a deal that brought Seal Team and Evil to Paramount+ exclusive status on May 14, according to Deadline, although the Silence of the Lambs spinoff wasn’t formally confirmed as joining the streaming service. A financial conflict between CBS Studios/Paramount+ and MGM Studios, which co-produce Clarice, appears to be the reason.

‘As of Tv series Finale there is also not any official information about Clarice Season 2 at the time of  updating this article.’


MGM Studios pulled away from the bargaining table in May, after it was disclosed that it was in the process of being bought by Amazon, thereby ending Clarice’s chances of transferring to Paramount+. The issues between CBS/Paramount and MGM are said to include the latter refusing to finance the series for a lower price, Paramount+ requesting a lower episode count, and the complication that Clarice becoming a Paramount+ exclusive prevents it from pursuing an off-network streaming deal, such as making Clarice available on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

While a last-minute compromise to save Clarice is possible, there have been no confirmed advances in discussions, thus Clarice’s quiet may be forever.

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