Daycare owner jailed for hiding 26 children behind FAKE WALL at her home

A Day Care owner was tried and convicted to six years in prison on the accusation of child abuse. The Colorado woman was arrested after law officials discovered her hiding 26 kids behind a fake wall next to her basement in an unregistered daycare center.

As per court papers, authorities found the kids during a November 2019 welfare check, most of whom had smeared or runny diapers and were in anguish. For lying to police and running a child care center with more children than she had the authority to care for, Carla Faith, the owner of Faith’s Play Mountain Place Daycare, was convicted on one felony charge and 26 misdemeanor charges of child abuse.

A hunt of the Victorian household where they were being held was sparked after the officers heard children’s music and what they believed to be children crying and believed Faith initially told them she was not caring for any kids, as per body camera footage.

Christina Swauger, another Faith employee, was convicted of similar charges but was not sentenced. Three daycares linked to the women have been shut down by authorities.

“It’s going to take help, for our kids especially, to move on after the trauma that they’ve gone through,” Vanessa Nagel, a parent to one of the kids being kept at the daycare, said in August when Carla was convicted.

“This case just speaks to somebody that wanted to put profits over children and safety of children,” Michael Allen (District Attorney) said. “And the jury was strong and the judge was very strong in saying that’s not how we operate in Colorado Springs, and that’s a relief.”

Kayla Shaw informed Fox 21 that her pediatrician, who is well-known in the community, even recommended her. She said, “When I told her that’s where we were going to be she said, ‘oh, that’s great, we love her!” 

“Now that I look back, I’m like, dang, I should have asked more questions.” This was confirmed by Sherry MacWilliam, who spoke to the network. “She was running a puppy mill for babies.”

“What you did was wrong on so many levels. This wasn’t an accident. This was not a result of a momentary lapse in judgment … She made a series of choices that placed the safety and welfare of 26 children in jeopardy,” Gregory Werner; Fourth Judicial District Judge said on Thursday.

Despite having only a license to care for a maximum of six children, she’d already taken on four times that number. There were twelve infants and toddlers in the group, even though Faith had been authorized to care for only two of them.