Taliban behead Mahjabin Hakimi volleyball player who was part of Afghan women’s national team

According to a coach who spoke to the Persian Independent, Taliban militants decapitated a member of Afghanistan’s young women’s national volleyball team. Afghan volleyball player Mahjabeen Hakimi was beheaded by the Taliban Militants in Kabul.

Taliban Reportedly Forced Her Family Members to Stay Silent

When asked about Mahjabeen’s death, one of the Afghan women’s volleyball team’s coaches refused to identify her because the militants had pressured her family with dire consequences if they revealed the truth.

Before the Ashraf Ghani government fell, Mahjabeen was a star player for the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club. Pictures of what appeared to be her decapitated head and mutilated neck appeared on social media several days ago, raising further suspicions.

Mahjabin Was A Part Of the Hazara Ethnic Group

She was an Afghan Hazara, a minority ethnic group reviled and persecuted by the Taliban. The Hazara people of Afghanistan are a religious minority and Afghanistan’s third-largest ethnic group. In Afghanistan, where Sunni Muslims predominate, about 10% of the population is Shiite, and nearly every one of them seems to be Hazaras. It is important to note that both the Taliban and the Islamic Republic are Sunni terrorist organizations.

They claim to be descended from Genghis Khan, the Mongolian general who stormed Afghanistan during the 13th century, and from other Central Asian and Mongolian families. Most of them are located in ‘Hazaristan,’ or in the land of the Hazaras, a mountainous region in central Afghanistan.

According to a 2018 report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, most Taliban attacks on civilians target the country’s minority Hazara population.

She Was Unfortunately Left Behind

Before the Taliban ceded complete control of Afghanistan in August, only a few of the squad members were able to flee the country, according to their coach. Mahjabeen Hakimi was one of a slew of unfortunate female athletes left in the dust.


As soon as the Taliban came to power, they immediately began searching for and hunting down female athletes. According to the coach of the Afghan women’s volleyball squad, they were particularly interested in members of the team who had previously competed in domestic and international tournaments and popped up on media programs.

No Heed To Media Reports? 

According to reports from former teammates who spoke to the BBC, Afghanistan’s woman volleyball players were reportedly under threat earlier this month. Afghan women’s volleyball team members were in hiding from the Taliban when one of them was assassinated in August.

Zahra Fayazi fled to the UK and arrived in the country at the end of August. She was a seven-year member of the Afghan women’s volleyball squad before taking on the role of coach. she said, “We had to relocate all of our players who were previously living in the provinces.”

“They went so far as to incinerate their sports equipment to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. hey did not want them to retain any items associated with the sport. “They’re terrified”, she’d started earlier.