Call of Duty Season 7- Everything We Know So Far | Updated

How many of you are fans of First Person Shooters? If you are a fan, then you know for sure that Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises to ever exist in the space. With the sixth season of the franchise, deprecated, fans are discussing Call of Duty Season 7 as the last season that will be having its ties to Black Ops Cold War. With the advent of Vanguard, fans are bound to be excited for new content from the ever so popular Warzone. And so we are going to talk all about the last of Cold War that we would see in Call of Duty Warzone for a long time.


Call of Duty Season 7 Release Date

It isn’t much known about the upcoming season of the game, but we do know when it will begin. With the Season 6 Battle Pass currently available, the next season should grace our screens on or around December 2, 2021, depending on your time zone. That could certainly change in the future, but as of right now, we’re looking at a December 2 launch date for the new season.

Call of Duty Season 7 Latest Update

There is no doubt season 6 will be succeeded by the new season but it’s unclear how it will be released or what it will include. As season 7 would be the first season to be associated with Vanguard, we can expect a significant transition from the Cold War to World War II.

Call of Duty Season 7

Vanguard will affect Warzone next season, granting gamers access to never seen  WWII-themed firearms and — eventually — a new Pacific map. It is fair to assume that a novel Warzone map will be released on December 2 regardless of whether or not the Pacific map is ready by November 5.

Every fresh Call of Duty game will be linked to Warzone in the future, and all games will have the same progression system. You will be able to use everything you’ve unlocked in one game on the other. In Vanguard multiplayer and Warzone, gamers will have the option to level up their entire arsenal, making it simple to earn attachments and XP points.

Call Of Duty Season 7 Features

Those who played Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare will recognize Scrapyard 2019 as a version of the map that was assimilated into Verdsansk.

The area, which is a former airfield, offers excellent CQB fighting opportunities and is certain to be a fan favorite of Season 7.

Two Black Ops weapons, The Crossbow, and Hades LMG will be included in the upcoming season, as is customary for new seasons. These weapons have previously appeared in other games in the series, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty Season 7

As per the Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter handle the inclusion of these two weapons has been confirmed. The account also asked players if they were sure they had used all of the weapons in the game before posting the image.

According to the various leaks, Several cosmetics have also been leaked, such as the QQ9 – Mooner, which will be available in the Lucky Draw. Many new skins will be available as part of the battle pass and bundles, but the one that has gotten the most attention is the legendary ‘Ashura’ Reaper skin.

Call of Duty Season 7

Additionally, the new weapons should eventually replace all of Warzone’s floor loot; that’s how Black Ops Cold War’s inclusion was handled, and it’s unclear why they’d want to change things up this time around. There is a lot of information coming out about Warzone’s future, and we should know more by the time Vanguard launches on November 5th.