Covert video expose Kanpur doctor’s Islamophobic face who accused Tablighi members of spitting

Kanpur: In an utter display of Islamophobia, Dr Arati Lalchandani, head of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur in a highly objectionable language allegedly called COVID positive Tablighi Jamaat members ‘terrorist’ accusing government for ‘exhausting resources’ instead of ‘putting them in Jail’.

In a viral video emerged on Sunday, Dr Lalchandani said that government is trying to appease “30 crore” Muslims and risking the lives of “100 Crore” Hindus instead “the whole blame should be put on” the Muslims.

Furious over corona infected Tablighi patients being admitted to hospital she said, “Those who should be put in Jail are being treated here and others are getting infected… you are feeding them… wasting your medicines, testing kits and manpower…”

She also said that Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh should give an order that no manpower or resources will be used for treating Tablighi members then “We will make them run”, she continued.

Earlier with no supporting evidence, she accused Tablighi Jamaat members of spitting  when 22 members were admitted in the hospital, 6 were tested positive. In early April, India TV had gone to the town based on her allegations against Tablighi Jamaat.

On the contrary, the doctors from Lala Lajpat Rai (LLR) Hospital which is associated with GSVM Medical College, Kanpur upon the discharge of corona infected patients greeted the Tablighi members and talked good about their behavior and conduct during their stay at the hospital.

Demands for her resignation are being voiced on social media platforms. “Please drop the contact details as I couldn’t find any. Let’s call them and ask for her resignation. Disgraceful bigots!!!” says one of the twitter user named Gagan Brar.

“Does one need any more evidence how dirty tricks were used to defame Muslim community? Why shouldn’t she be arrested?” demands noted journalist Rifat Jawaid.

When contacted by The Shahab, Dr Lalchandani said the video is “manufactured” and “morphed”. But as per The Hindu report she accepted venting out, “I said it in anger and frustration. I didn’t issue any statement. I said this but in that circumstance…” she said, adding that the video was recorded 70 days ago.

Dr Lalchandani said she would file an FIR against the reporter who leaked a video of the conversation for “blackmail” and carrying out a “sting”.