Ramzan Fasting not a hindrance in performing COVID duty for these Muslim cops

Solapur: With rising number of COVID-19 patients and nearly one thousand feared dead, entire country is reeling under lockdown heightening the pressure on police department to keep the countrymen indoor to stem the spread of corona virus.

In such demanding situation, role of police become very crucial to outbreak the disease contingency as a preemptive measure. Fasting, an obligation during holy month of Ramzan on every adult Muslim did not become hindrance for several Muslim police personnel while performing their COVID duty on the streets.

Solapur, a south western city in Maharashtra tested around 81 people positive with COVID-19 in past eight days with 6 reportedly dead. The city is 5th largest district in Maharashtra and adjacent to Pune which has reported 2nd highest corona positive cases in the state till date.

The Shahab took on the streets of Solapur and found that dozens of Muslim police personnel are in regular observance of fasting under the scorching heat touching 40 degrees Celsius while performing their national duty amid corona battle.

Akhtar Shaikh – a lady Police Naik from foujdar chowdy police station regularly observe the whole month fast sharing her experience said, “Due to lockdown, we are working on field. The thirst sometimes becomes unbearable in this hot temperature but our strong belief makes us hold tight while discharging the police duty”.

Muslim police personnel in Solapur

Alfaz Sayed(L), Rafiq Shaikh (T), Akhtar Shaikh (B), Head Constable Sharif Shaikh(R)

There are many like Akhtar who are working round the clock to restrain crowd from coming out on the streets. 41 year old Police Naik Yusuf sheikh in a civil dress holding a poly-carbonate cane in his hand said, “Performing duty while observing fast is quite tough in lock down days because people regularly come out from home and sometimes we have to run behind to make them disperse”.

He urged that people should understand the garvity of this global threat and restrict themselves to their homes for their own safety.

One more cop (doesn’t wish to be named) serving in the key branch of the city police said that duty and religion are two different things. “Allah has made us strong enough to perform both duties simultaneously. At times we don’t get enough time or proper place to break the fast or for Sehri (Morning meal eaten by Muslims before the sunrise during Ramzan) but my Hindu colleagues help us by extending all the possible support.

Ismail Shaikh, a social worker applauding these heroes said, “I salute these front-line corona warriors for their commendable service to the nation for keeping our safety first by risking their own lives”.