I am a patriot and always defended India abroad: Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Dr Zafarul Islam Khan

New Delhi: After receiving condemnation from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for his “Hindutva bigots” post on social media, Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Zafarul Islam Khan on Wednesday clarified that he is patriot and always defended interest of the India on foreign lands accusing some media organisations of distorting his views.

“I have not complained against my country to any foreign government or organization nor I intend to do so in future. I am a patriot to the core and I have always defended my country abroad” Dr Khan said in his statement on facebook.

Dr Khan took on twitter to congratulate Kuwait for it’s support on rising Islamophobia in India yesterday. The General Secretariat of the Kuwait Council of Ministers on Monday, expressed its “deep concern” about the treatment of Indian Muslims in India and called on the OIC to take “necessary and urgent measures” to “preserve the rights of Muslims there”.

He asserted that the tweet was in the background of how the issues of Muslims be it lynching, riots, media bashing or redressal of their problems in political and administrative processes have been dealt within India.

Defending his right to express, he said,”I have always been vocal about the problems in our country like any other country but we and our political, constitutional and judicial system are capable to tackle them”.

He also clarified that the Delhi Minorities Commission is not run by AAP or the state government as many called for his resignation on social media. “I must make it clear that I am not and never was a member of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Commission I head is a statutory and independent body governed by the Delhi Minorities Commission Act 1999. AAP or its government in Delhi do not run the Commission and are not accountable for what the Commission does”.

“I, like other Indian Muslims, believe in rule of law, the Indian Constitution and the fine institutions our country has”. He also wrote that the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on Tuesday echo the same concerns.

The report released by USCIRF said that religious freedoms in India deteriorated sharply last year as the government allowed “campaigns of harassment and violence” against Muslims and other religious minorities to continue.

Taking the cognizance of misreporting and false statement/opinions attributed to him by some electronic media forums, he said the appropriate legal steps will be taken against them.