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“Patience is the weapon” Vishwas Nangare-Patil greets on Holy month of Ramzan in COVID times

Nashik: Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nangare-Patil, extending good wishes on the holy month of Ramzan said that Patience is the weapon to fight the battle against the coronavirus threat.

In a heartwarming video uploaded on social media, Nangare-Patil appealed all Muslims to show perseverance and grit at a time when the entire nation is grappling with COVID-19 pandemic.

Nangare-Patil acknowledging the hardships faced by people during lockdown said, “People have seen how deadly coronavirus impact could be and faced difficulties during lockdown but collective responsibility has to be shared and that is the need of the hour. The administration is putting in efforts to ensure that people do not have to face much hardship during the lockdown”.

This year Ramzan, a month when people enjoy delicious meals at their tables saw a change in experience with limited availability of resources and lesser options of delicacies.

Holy month of Ramzan gives us opportunity to showcase the true meaning of fasting to the world, “Being content is the true essence of fasting”, he said.

Muslims around the world are offering Taraweeh (special congregational prayer during Ramzan) at home and all efforts are made to stem the spread of the deadly virus which took 203807 lives worldwide till this writing.

Stressing on the importance of remaining indoors, he said, “Ramzan is a month of devotion and patience”. “We all should stay firm to the Allah’s will during this testing time and fight out these circumstances if Allah wills”.

“Patience is the only weapon” to fight the war against the global pandemic. “Ramzan Mubarak”, concludes the Nashik police chief.


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