Tablighi members recovered from COVID-19 want to donate plasma in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Tablighi Jamaat members who upon their return from the Nizamuddin Markaz, recovered after having tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus infection wants to donate their plasma to help others battling with the infection in Tamil Nadu.

“42 people that I know from the State are willing to donate plasma”, Muhammed Usman Ali from Theni who recovered from the virus told Express.

Sulthan an electrical engineer from Chennai, coordinated with Delhi returnees from across the State for this initiative although he was not among those who went to Delhi for the gathering.

“Ever since it emerged that many among those who returned from Delhi tested positive, some sections have taken it upon themselves to instigate hatred towards Muslims rather than create awareness about the virus,” he said.

The Tablighi members came forward to counter the ‘baseless accusations’ hurled against them apart from their wish to help critically ill patients after dubious media trials.

Mohammad Abbas, 30, from Tiruppur who was discharged from the ESI hospital in Coimbatore on Sunday said, “As soon as I got discharged, I met the district administration officials and the dean of the hospital and told them that they may contact me anytime if they needed me to donate my plasma”.

Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Saad Kandhalvi in an interview with IANS appealed to his followers, saying, “My friends from Tablighi Jamaat, who have been successfully treated by doctors and have now tested negative, come forward and donate your plasma so that other patients, of any caste or religion, who are still fighting this disease, may benefit from us.”

Convalescent Plasma Therapy transfers immunity from a COVID-19 patient who has recovered to a sick coronavirus patient who is in critical condition using convalescent plasma.

This therapy uses antibodies from the blood of a recovered coronavirus patient to treat another critical patient. The recovered COVID-19 patient’s blood develops antibodies to battle against COVID-19. Once the blood of the first patient is infused to the second patient, those antibodies will start fighting against coronavirus in the second person.