Hamdard Rooh Afza – a soft target for hardliners

New Delhi: In a series of vilification and vicious propaganda against Muslims, country’s popular rose-flavoured beverage for generations has found itself in the middle of a hatemongers storm. Household soft drink is now the new target of the hardliners.

As summer is at its peak, a message on social media is being widely circulated to boycott the century old thirst quencher product that says, “Please don’t drink Hamdard’s Roof Afza this summer, wonder how many Tablighis (Tablighi Jamaat members) might have spit in it”, referring to right-wingers fake propaganda that surfaced after the Nizamuddin Markaz corona virus incident.

In another serious allegation, another message claims that Hamadard laboratories do not employ “a single non-Muslim as a matter of policy”.

Mansoor Ali, chief sales and marketing officer at Hamdard Laboratories debunks such allegations, “Infact most of our Head of the departments and managers are non-Muslims and our factory field force represent mixed crowd from all the faiths”.” We believe in performance, experience and capability to judge a person, not his religion”, Mansoor added.

Hamdard Dawakhana – a small Unani clinic was founded by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in undivided India’s capital, Delhi 1906 which later grown into multi-crore FMCG company.

In 1948, the organisation reorganised itself as a waqf (Islamic irrevocable trust), making it liable to donate 85 per cent of its profits to Hamdard National Foundation (HNF), an educational charity.

The charity foundation runs 13 institutions among other, and the only private medical college Jamia Hamdard in Delhi. HNF also falls under Section 10 (23C) of the I-T Act, which means that it is only allowed to keep 15 per cent of its income to re-invest back into any business.

The Hamdard Laboratories – Medicine division has donated a total sum of 2 Crores through Hamdard National Foundation, in which 1 Crore has been released to PM Cares (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations) Fund and 1 Crore to the Delhi Chief Minister’s Relief fund.

Abdul Majeed, Chairman Hamdard Laboratories, in a statement said, “In the wake of the on-going COVID-19 crisis, Hamdard Laboratories (India) Medicine division has pledged to support the fight against the pandemic and protect all affected and at risk communities”.