Muslims shower petals on Police force in Moradabad – An act of Fear or Gratitude!

Moradabad: Two days ago when a medical team was attacked in Moradabad, fuelled by rumours, witnessed Muslim community showering petals on the police force.

A team of officers led by Superintendent of Police (City) Amit Anand and Circle Officer (Katghar) Poonam Sirohi were showered with 10 quintals of rose petals on Prince Road on Friday while maintaining the social distancing norms.

The felicitation was organized by Handicraft Development Society who felt the need to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put up by the police during lockdown or perhaps to bridge the gap between the Muslim community and the administration.

Noman Mansoori, president of the society feared that after medical officials’ declaration for not collecting samples of possible COVID-19 patients, police would go door to door to pick people.

While talking to The Hindu he said, “Already 200 unnamed persons have been named in the FIR and we have heard that some people have been picked up for questioning. We wanted to ease the tension”.

Mansoori recalling the April 15 incident said the “condemnable reaction” was a combination of many things. “The family had lost two members in quick succession. The administration said it was because of COVID-19 but the family maintained that one had a heart attack and the other had tuberculosis. Most of them are illiterate and could not process the information on a disease that is new for all of us. Even today, explaining social distancing during the felicitation was a task.”

Adding to that he said, as per Muslim tradition a woman has to observer waiting period which is called as iddat when she looses her husband and woman has to spend this period of mourning at home. Although people tried to explain that the wife should be spared, “We know this was not possible but had there been a senior person or a cleric with the team, a way out could have been explored”.