COVID-19: With kin in fear, Popular Front of India bury dead in Pune

Pune: With the city grappled in the fear of Coronavirus pandemic and reluctant kins refusing to claim the deceased, Popular Front of India (PFI) leaps forward to perform the last rites of the people died due to COVID-19.

Till Sunday evening, there were 282 COVID-19 cases in Pune, out of which 29 patients have lost their lives. PFI members have taken the initiative in burying the deceased if no one from the deceased family claims the body.

Popular Front of India has buried 7 people after performing the funeral prayer since last week. After getting the notification from health dept. members collect the body from respective hospital and transport the body in an ambulance to the graveyard and perform the last rites.

The district administration had conducted the training session for 35 to 40 PFI members at wanowrie ward office and gave directions to follow the protocol regarding burial of patients who have died due to COVID-19.

While talking to TheShahab PFI district president Razi Khan said that due to some families in quarantine, kins are facing difficulties in claiming the dead bodies “No one from the family could come to collect the body of the woman died yesterday in Naidu Hospital as her family had been asked to go on quarantine as a precaution. The woman was later buried in Kausar Baug graveyard by our members”.

When asked about the difficulties faced, Khan said, “It took almost 7 hours to get the ambulance ready after the sanitization process as only one ambulance is available for transporting Covid-19 patients. But I must appreciate the fact that PMC Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad followed up with us till late night about the burial.”

Some residential societies adjacent to graveyard are skeptical about burying the body of a Coronavirus patients fearing the infection, administration is trying to convince them that it causes no harm.

As per the protocol, bodies are wrapped in a plastic bag and buried under 10 feet deep grave as oppose to 5 feet in general. PFI is in talks with the local councilors whether JCB can be provisioned for digging the grave.

Earlier, according to media reports, Muslim Graveyard authorities in Malad, Mumbai denied permission to perform the last rites of a man died due to coronavirus infection. Later local administration took the body to the nearest Hindu cemetery ground and cremated it with all honours.