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‘Al Quran Park’ featuring Miracles of Quran opens in Dubai

‘Al Quran Park’ featuring Miracles in Quran opens in Dubai

Dubai: In one of its kind, Dubai opens ‘Al Quran Park’ on Friday with an aim to provide the visitors a chance to enjoy many of the park facilities and Miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

The park situated in Al Khawaneej area spreads over more than 60 hectares of green space.

It aims to establish an intellectual and cultural communication bridge between Islam and other religions by creating a medium to showcase Islam to people of all backgrounds and beliefs in the spirit of inter-faith harmony.

A notable feature of the Park includes an Islamic Garden consisting of 43 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran such as figs, pomegranate, olives etc.

Taking the advantage of cutting edge technology, an air-conditioned tunnel ‘The Cave of Miracles’ will showcase 7 miracles mentioned in the Islamic Holy Scripture.

The Park having Andalusian-style entrance also houses a glass building to accommodate 15 items of plants leaving the visitors to ponder over the reasons behind mentioning the names of these plants in the Holy Quran.

Al Quran Park has a cluster of solar trees inspired by Arabic and Islamic art and design along with wifi and phone charging stations. It also provides facilities akin to most parks, such as children’s play areas, a lake in addition to a walkway dedicated to exercise and cycling.

Although the park is free to enter, the Caves of Miracles and Glass House cost Dh10 to enter.

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