Sectarian conflict leads to demolition of under construction mosque

Chittoor: An under construction mosque at Palamaner town in Chittoor district was demolished after an ongoing sectarian conflict between two Sunni groups on Saturday.

Tablighi Jamaat is the dominant group among Muslims in Palamaner and ever since the minority Jamiat Ahle Hadees group purchased a piece of land two years ago for the mosque (as the group claims) there has been dispute over the particular way of offering namaz.

On Saturday evening there were clashes between Tablighi Jamaat and Ahle Hadees group, later police was called and mob dispersed. After mid-night local Tablighi Jamaat Ameer (leader) along with other members using JCB pulled down the unfinished structure.

Saeed Ahmed – State head Jamiat Ahle Hadees Andhra Pradesh said the prejudice against the Ahle Hadees continues to grow and Tablighi Jamaat have no right to stop them from following their way of performing namaz.

Sectarian shadow boxing between Islamic sects is not new among Muslims though India has remained peaceful unlike Pakistan where sectarian violence has become new normal.

Tablighi Jamaat, one of largest peaceful movements among Muslims witness cracks among its ranks and got divided into two fractions following a clash in 2016 between the two groups which left many injured.