WhatsApp group in Solapur bringing smile for needy people with illness

Shoaib Gadwal never thought that a casual talk among friends might turn into an initiative which will bring smile on the faces of those suffering with illness but couldn’t afford to pay the medical bills.

Gadwal, 30, a resident of Solapur has created a WhatsApp group of like-minded people – all from same age group. Khadiman-e-Solapur (Medical) group has 240+ young professionals and businessman as its members dedicated to provide financial aid to needy people in medical emergencies.

Speaking to TheShahab.com, young civil engineer, who is actively participating in numerous social causes in Solapur city since last 6 years, said he decided to start the medical aid group when he saw people with meagre income are struggling to get the medical support.

“A person who earns Rs 200 a day cannot afford to pay the medical expenses of Rs 35000 approx during delivery, he is forced to take loan from local money lenders who charge exorbitant interest on the loan amount. Even if the person for time being sees relief from medical expenses but gets caught in mental trauma of paying never ending interest cycle”.

The WhatsApp group was started last year with just 15 people including Najmuddin Shaikh, Ehtasham Pagnekar, Sabir Sayyed, Shaikh Mohammed Furqan and Naseeruddin Shaikh. Initially they struggled for collection but slowly more like minded people joined in boosting the group activities at large scale.

Leg operation of a girl child funded by Khadiman-e-Solapur

Leg operation of a girl child funded by Khadiman-e-Solapur

Khadiman-e-Solapur (Medical) group has provided lakhs of rupees as financial aid to 40+ medical cases so far. When a case is reported to them, Gadwal and his team members Naseeruddin Shaikh and Shaikh Mohammed Furqan personally verify the particulars of the needy person and their financial condition. Once verified the case is brought before the group members to extend their support.

Khadiman-e-Solapur Admin Team

Khadiman-e-Solapur (Medical) Admin Team

Solapur hospitals and doctors are also extending their support to the group activities by giving discounts in their bills and fees. Huma medical stores in Solapur give heavy discount in medicines.

Talking about future plans, Gadwal said that registration of a NGO and monthly contribution scheme is on cards.

The group is planning to start a clinic in a rented place very soon and looking for 60 donors who can donate Rs 1000 on monthly basis to run the clinic smoothly. This includes clinic rent, doctors’ fees and medicine expenses.

It is astonishing to see how a small WhatsApp group can transform lives of people completely. Change does not require big investment but sincere efforts. Small efforts can change communication medium like WhatsApp to medium of life for someone somewhere.

Editor’s note: For support and queries Shoaib Gadwal can be reached at +91 9860001998.