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Children Summer Camps – A joyful learning opportunity or childhood snatching practice?

During school days, children have to go through a lot from attending schools to performing extracurricular activities. Strict supervision of parents and teachers, regular classes, tuition takes a heavy toll and leaves very less time for enjoyment.

Holidays are meant to enjoy and spend childhood without pressure, said Ziya Momin a Mumbai based child counsellor and a senior teacher while speaking with

As per Ziya, it is parent’s responsibility to give space to their children during holidays also making them understand the importance of spending time with elders and cousins. Let children enjoy the visits to relatives, weddings and social functions, he adds.

Children became free for nearly two months once the examinations are over. But nowadays some so called NGOS and institutions are busy in conducting camps and classes on Personality development, Math, Science, Sports, Culture and religious topics etc.

We experience floods of advertisements through WhatsApp messages and Facebook. These institutes try to get maximum students and puts their efforts to achieve the maximum admission. Some institutes are found convincing parents to send children to their week or month long religious classes.

Psychologist and a school counsellor from Goa Raj Mohan Nair say that today’s children try to understand the world by their own terms, they are creators, explorers and imitators. They can easily play, live in joy and wonder. A child loves his play not because it is easy but because it challenges them and gives new experiences.

Nair says that through summer camps children can experience, explore and mould themselves in various ways. He also cautions parents to be mindful about child’s way of thinking and likings before admitting to the summer camps.

Judo coach Fayaz Munshi expressed that to become a good human being, child should understand and experience the Almighty as well as the love and fear of Allah needs to be imbibed in the hearts of children. Parents should not pressurize the child to attend specific activities but let them enjoy by their own through playing and jumping around.

Nevertheless, the need for more high-quality summer camp is not going to slow down. The rise of dual-earner households with parents working long and often unpredictable hours, makes summer at best, a sticky logistical issue and at worst, another way for low-income children to fall behind.


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