New parallel Muslim Personal Law Board representing Sufism announced

New Delhi: Many Muslim religious scholars on Saturday announced the formation of parallel ‘Muslim Personal Law Board of India’ claiming that All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) represents only 20 per cent of Muslims in India.

The clerics argued that more than 80 percent of Indian Muslims belong to Sufism, which do not get any representation in the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Maulana Qari Mohammed Yusuf Azizi, President of the new board said, “Effective implementation of Sharia law, meaningful utilization of education and development, proportional representation in legislative institutions, communal harmony, bringing Muslim women to mainstream and with the spirit of serving humanity the Muslim Personal Law Board of India has been established.”

Dr. Moin Ahmed who has been appointed as General Secretary of new board said that the Muslim Personal Law Board of India activities will not be limited to family issues, but it will also ensure proper utilization of Waqf Board and the education of Muslim youth particularly girls for nation building.

Replying to multiple questions, other responsible officials of the Muslim Personal Law Board of India, including Shahi Imam of Banaras (Varanasi), Maulana Hussain Ahmad Habibi said that there wouldn’t be any need to form new Board if few people might not have monopoly over AIMPLB and if it would have worked for larger interests of Indian Muslims.

In response to another question, Azizi said that Muslim Personal Law Board of India will fight a democratic battle to give reservation to financially week Muslims in government jobs under the Article 341 of the constitution of India.

Azizi further said that the new board believes that all communities should live with the spirit of humanity. He also said that 11-member core committee of the new board will constitute National Executive and State units in April.