Rajsamand hate murderer Shambhulal Regar used ‘Love Jihad’ to cover illicit relationship with ‘Hindu sister’

Jaipur: Shambhulal Regar, accused of killing Muslim labourer Mohammed Afrazul Khan in Rajsamand and recording the murder, had an “illicit relations” with the woman he referred to as his ‘Hindu sister’ in the anti-Islam propaganda video, according to the police charge sheet filed in the court.

In the charge sheet filed in the court of the Rajsamand chief judicial magistrate, it says that Regar may have raised the whole ‘love jihad’ claim to cover the real motive behind the murder, which was the anger over the fact that the woman was still in contact with a labourer from West Bengal called Ballu Sheikh, with whom she had reportedly eloped in 2010.

The woman continued her ties with Ballu who belonged to the same village Saiyedpur as Afrazul, this had angered Shambhulal. The police suspect Shambhulal targeted Afrajul because he would help people from West Bengal find employment and accommodation in Rajsamand.

The chargesheet also states that Shambhulal once took the woman to a bank manager, and asked her to “make him happy”. The woman managed to leave the bank manager’s house on the pretext of handing over some keys and quarrelled with Regar later about this incident.

In a video of the crime, Afrazul was killed with sharp weapon, and his body was set ablaze in an attack by Shambhulal Regar accusing Afrazul of “love jihad” in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

In a string of videos Regar allegedly circulated after the murder, he claimed he had rescued his “Hindu sister” — a 20-year-old woman — from “love jihad”, a term seen to have emerged from fringe Hindutva outfits to allege conspiracy by Muslim men to woo and convert Hindu girls to Islam.

The chargesheet says that a year before the murder, Regar had started watching videos of Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists.

“He gathered information related to videos of Hindu extremists, love jihad, Section 370, Islamic jihad, state of terrorism in Kashmir, increasing population of Muslims, Ram Mandir, Padmavati, PK (film), division of castes in Hindu religion, and reservation and other subjects. Before the murder, he prepared a total of five videos on his mobile phone on communal and religious subjects,” reads the chargesheet.