Message of peace beautifully portrayed in holy Quran: Army chief to Kashmir madrasa students

New Delhi: Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat while interacting with a group of students from Jammu and Kashmir said, the message of peace and harmony is “beautifully portrayed” in the holy Quran. Underlining that people often do not understand its essence, Gen. Rawat said the Quran does not propagate violence.

Gen. Rawat was interacting with a group of madrasa students at his office on Thursday. He also asked them to pick up sports like cricket and football and work towards containing terrorism so that Kashmir valley flourishes again.

“How many of you have read the holy Quran?” Gen. Rawat asked the 25-member group which is the capital as part of a national integration tour being conducted by the Army.

“I will tell you what is the message in it. It is the message of peace and harmony (aman ka paigam hai). And, it has been beautifully portrayed in it. And, all this noise made by the IS, it is nowhere mentioned in Quran (Ye jo IS ka halla hai na, yeh Quran mey kahin nahin hai),” he said.

“So, you must follow the message embedded in the holy text. You think people understand the message. We do not properly understand it. In simple ways, Quran has given the lessons (on human values),” the Army Chief asserted.

The students, aged 13-22, arrived in national capital on December 12 and many of them are visiting Delhi for the first time.

The Army Chief warmly shook hands with all the students and while informing the difference that they found between Delhi and Kashmir, he said, “Unlike Kashmir, you do not see bunkers here, people roam at night in peace. We want the same peaceful environment in Jammu and Kashmir too so that you can fearlessly go to schools and madrassas”.

“Kashmir valley is equated with the heavens, and if you want that land to flourish, we must stop terrorism,” Gen. Rawat said.

Indian Army has adopted a tough approach against militants in Kashmir Valley and stepped up its counter-terror operations in the last six months.

The Army has also been carrying out various activities including organising national integration tours for youths of the state as part of efforts to reach out to the local residents.