Love Jihad Reversed! Hindu girl wants Muslim lover to convert before marriage

Jodhpur: A 20-year-old Hindu girl from Jodhpur has refused to marry her Muslim boyfriend until he changes his religion to Hinduism. Pooja Joshi, an undergraduate, had eloped with Mohsin Khan, a taxi driver, on Sunday, following which her family filed a missing complaint.

After a tip-off, the police brought back the couple from Bikaner to Jodhpur police station on Tuesday. Supporters of some Hindu groups along with the girl’s family members gathered at the police station. The crowd raised slogans alleging that this was a case of ‘love jihad’ and even thrashed Mohsin, reported TOI.

Later, Pooja was taken to a magistrate for recording her statement; the girl reportedly said she would marry Mohsin only if he becomes a Hindu.

The incident came to light at a time when right-wing parties allege that Muslim boys do ‘love jihad’ and trick Hindu girls into marriage.

She also refused to go to his parent’s home and said till Mohsin becomes a Hindu, she would wait for him at her cousin’s place.

Since the girl was an adult, the court said that it cannot direct her with whom she should live and allowed her to go to her cousin’s home.

Recently, In a Jaipur fair organised by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation, venomous literature against Muslims was being distributed. Muslim youths are accused of wooing Hindu girls in a bid to convert them to Islam.

The literature alleged that the Muslim men are out on a ‘Love Jihad’ mission and there is a detailed list of ways and methods being adopted by Muslim boys to lure and trap Hindu girls. Later, the pamphlets had been withdrawn from the fair after the media reports.