How to make children learn while having fun during vacations

The first semester is almost completed; time flies so fast, Wow! Now all you young chaps are enjoying your Diwali holidays, having sweets, new clothes and of course enjoying crackers etc.

After Diwali vacation we again join our school, study hard and complete our homework regularly. Like an ideal student, we should be smart, hardworking and obedient. As I said earlier time flies by, we will complete our second term exams in the blink of an eye and will be free to enjoy our summer vacations. Yippee!

Every summer, we all wonder about the same question that what we should do now. Should we keep studying during the summer holidays to avoid rusting our mind? Or should we indulge in sports activities and have fun? The answer would be both.

After an intense academic year, both students and teachers deserves the much needed rest and should have some fun but on the other hand our brains should also be active academically to perform better the next year.


There are bunch of holiday activities like, holiday – themed writing, mathematics exercises, picture glyphs, learning crafts, joining karate, swimming classes, improving handwriting etc. All these activities will be fun filled and make you learn something new each day.

Some teacher’s assigns homework to students, if you feel bored play games with your friends or hangout with them, go for a movie nobody will question you. It’s your time, enjoy it.

At times you will probably feel bored during your holidays; that’s the time to pickup a new hobby like Crafting, Cooking(of course under guidance of elders), Book reading, Masks making, Cards making, Paper Cutting, Sand or Mud Castle building, Gifts (for friends, family and neighbor) making and lot more.

Remember, HOBBIES AREN’T JUST FUN they teach you skills such as team work and self-discipline.

There are plenty of productive things to do during school holidays viz.

  • Enjoy Nature

Go for a hike, a picnic, fly a kite, visit a nature reserve, swim in rivers or wells or visit beaches, etc.

  • Zoo Visit

Plan a visit to zoo and note down information about animals, birds etc.

  • Museum Visit

A trip to a Museum will make you more knowledgeable and it will probably leave you feeling inspired.

  • Gardening

You all know, Save Tree Save Earth, right! So plant a tree in your balcony, backyard or in your housing society and take care of it till it grows bigger. Take some different shapes of stones, paint them and decorate your garden with those beautiful stones.

  • Create a Memory Book

Memory book will work as a souvenir and remind you all the fun that you had during your holidays. You can decorate this book with your own craft skills which will make your holidays memory more beautiful.

  • Improve your Writing Skills

Writing skills are important for academic success and they’re even more important for career success.

  • Improve your Vocabulary

Student’s success in school and life is linked to the size of their vocabulary because until and unless they have good vocabulary, they won’t be able to express themselves in better way.

  • Build or Fix Something

Become a little engineer and try to fix the broken household chores if you can, but make sure to be safe.

Your little minds might have some brilliant ideas, try and explore it. Overall I suggest getting involved in some activities which will make your holidays productive while you have as much fun as you want. I am sure your hardwork will payoff and help you to improve your future prospect.

(Author is government primary school teacher at Kumbhari, Solapur)