Is Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah deserves to be cursed?

The meaning of the Muharram is also meant to be honor and reverence. Now instead of different characteristics of this revered month, people remember only about the martyrdom of the Hazrat Hussein and keep the mourning and wailing allowed. Fourth Caliph, Son in Law of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrat Ali al-Murtaza while kissing the forehead upon the death of Prophet said, If you did not order us to be patient and did not stop us from crying, then today we would flow the river of tears (and show the world that how the followers of prophet cries on his death). (Nahj al-Balagah: 491)

When we do not have the command to wail or mourn on our Prophet’s death, how can we be allowed for someone else’s death? Our hearts are full of grief for the martyrdom of Hazrat Hussein, but in such circumstances, how far is it right to blame someone on the basis of rivalry by keeping justice aside.

After the death of Hazrat Hasan in 670 CE, the idea of ​​making Yazid crown prince first came from Mughira ibn Shu’ba, especially because he was governor of Kufa and was well aware of mischievous Kufis. But Hazrat Mu’awiyah did not accept the advice of the Mughira ibn Shu’ba only until the other companions of prophet and the mother of the believers did not support it.

Hazrat Mu’awiyah going to Madina and asking some of the companions like Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr and Abdullah ibn Umar, Abdullah ibn Abbas and Abdullah ibn Zubair about Yazid being announced as crown prince, just asking these people, and their difference of opinion, are all lies. The narrators lie is simply caught as Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr died before this incident in 666 CE, while Yazid’s Caliphate era starts from 680 CE.


The fact is that if the events will be written and recorded by using prejudice on one side and animosity on the other side, then how it is possible to distinguish right and wrong. To love Ali, animosity with Mu’awiyah and to love Hussein, animosity with Yazid is considered a necessity. Now the fact is that animosity with Mu’awiyah and Yazid has become part of one’s faith and belief, and for this Ali and Hussein’s love have been used as an excuse. The person who sits to write the history of Islam already fills his heart with animosity of Mu’awiyah, Yazid and Banu Umayyed and then starts writing.

Ibn Saad was a relative of Hazrat Hussein, his father Hazrat Saad bin Waqas was the maternal uncle of Messenger of Allah so Umar ibn Saad becomes Hazrat Hussein’s maternal uncle. The historians have written that during the discussion between them, Hazrat Hussein presented three things. Either allowed to be returned or allowed to fight with Turks or allowed to go to Damascus to meet Yazid.


The first two things are invalid because even though he is allowed to return but could not be left without allegiance. Here take oath of allegiance to Ibn Ziyad Otherwise, allegiance on the hands of governor of Makkah must be made. In case of Madina, an oath to governor of Madina must be made. It is better to take allegiance on the hands of Amir al-Mu’minin (Leader of the Faithful). The permission of the jihad with Turks can only be given by Amir al-Mu’minin and how can he get permission without taking allegiance to Amir al-Mu’minin.

Hazrat Hussein himself said that سیرنی الیٰ دمشق فاضع فی یدامیرالمومنین leave me to Damascus, so that I can give my hand in the hands of Amir al-Mu’minin. (Nasikh-al-tawarikh) Ibn Ziyad expressed happiness and said “Accepted”. (Ṭabarī)

When Muslim bin Uqbah met Hazrat Ali ibn Hussein Zayn al-Abidin after the battle of al-Harrah and said that Amir al-Mu’minin (Yazid) has ordered me to behave better with you. In response Hazrat Zayn al-Abidin said, “انّ امیرالمومنین اوصانی بک خیرا” “O Allah Almighty, send down the Mercy on Amir al-Mu’minin.” (Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d and Balādhurī Volume 4, 3rd edition, P 39)

The atrocities by Muslim bin Uqbah which our historians have described, if those were correct, could Zayn al-Abidin be able to meet Muslim bin Uqbah, who was the famous companion and Army General with cheerful mood and would his religious honor ever accept it?


Yahya ibn Mu’in says that the murderer of Hazrat Hussein is the grandfather of Shareek bin Abdullah whose name was Sinān ibn Anas al-Nakhaʿī. He was the one who had gone to Makkah to bring Hazrat Hussein to Kufa.

The reality is that a person who is a suffering from prejudice and animosity will never be able to distinguish in right and wrong, and the light of justice and humility will not be in his eyes or in his heart. He will always be a liar, and he will lie very bravely, and he will continue to say right to wrong and wrong to right.

Sheikh Sharfuddin Ahmed bin Yahya Maneri says that it is not appropriate for a lesser one to curse the one superior to him and Yazid is from companions and followers therefore say that he is friend of prophet’s family friends and enemy of their enemies.


  1. Asif Ahmed Najar
    • Ubaid Salfi