Is Yazid worthy of blame Islam 

Is Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah deserves to be cursed?

The meaning of the Muharram is also meant to be honor and reverence. Now instead of different characteristics of this revered month, people remember only about the martyrdom of the Hazrat Hussein and keep the mourning and wailing allowed. Fourth Caliph, Son in Law of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrat Ali al-Murtaza while kissing the forehead upon the death of Prophet… Read More
BHU unrest: Several injured including girls, CM seeks report Current Affairs 

BHU unrest: Several injured including girls, CM seeks report

Several Banaras Hindu University (BHU) students, many of them girls, were injured on Saturday night after violent police action including lathi-charge, use of tear gas and even rubber bullets. The students were protesting since three days against alleged molestation of a university girl and the failure of the administration to act against the attackers. On Saturday evening, BHU’s VC GC… Read More
کیا یزید لائق ملامت ہے؟ Islam Urdu Articles 

کیا یزید لائق ملامت ہے؟

محرم کے ایک معنی تعظیم کرنے کے بھی آتے ہیں اس اعتبار سے محرم کے معنی معظم (عظمت والا) ہوئے۔باوجود گوناگوں خصو صیات کے اب عوام و خواص اس ماہ محرم کی نسبت صرف شہادت حسینؓ کے حوالے سے یاد رکھتے ہیں اور بین، نوحہ و ماتم کو روا رکھتے ہیں۔ جبکہ خلیفہ چہارم داماد رسول سیدنا علی المرتضیٰؓ نے… Read More