Rohingya crisis: Sikh volunteers committed to provide langar till the crisis ends

Teknaf, Bangladesh: In a commendable act of humanity, Sikh organisation Khalsa Aid volunteers reached Bangladesh-Myanmar border Sunday night to provide relief to the lakhs of Rohingya Muslim families fleeing Myanmar.

Sikhs are known for their large-heartedness and they have proved it time and again. The men in turban from Bangla Sahib Gurudwara recently showed their generosity by providing daily langars to the protesting Tamil Nadu farmers in New Delhi.

Volunteers of Khalsa Aid, India have reached Teknaf, a border town in Bangladesh where the refugees are living in the camps.

Managing director of Khalsa Aid India Amarpreet Singh said that his group had come prepared to provide relief to 50,000 refugees but there are more than three lakh refugees.

“They are living without water, food, clothes and shelter. They are sitting wherever they can find a corner. It is raining, but people do not have anywhere to go. It is miserable to say the least.”


He further said that there were huge camps at Teknaf and each one was crowded beyond its capacity. “A camp can accommodate at least 50,000 people but in most of them there are more than one lakh refugees”. Amarpreet shows his commitment to run langar here (community here) till the crisis is not over.

Rohingya have described large-scale violence perpetrated by Myanmar troops and Buddhist mobs setting fire to their homes, spraying bullets indiscriminately and ordering them to leave or be killed.

Aung San Suu Kyi de-facto state counsellor of Myanmar has been rapped by the United Nations for gross human rights violation against Rohingya Muslims.