#BlockNarendraModi: Twitter hastag trend in protest against PM following Twitter trolls abusing Gauri Lankesh

The anger over the killing of Gauri Lankesh has taken twitter to storm. Large numbers of twitter users have started blocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal handle in protest against him following abusive trolls, including one who called the Kannada journalist-activist “a bitch” who deserved to die.

#BlockNarendraModi, which began as a protest started trending on the microblogging website on Sept. 07. Narendra Modi is one of the world’s most popular leaders with nearly 34 million followers.

Nikhil Dadhich, posted a tweet shortly after the Tuesday night murder that used an abusive reference to the slain journalist. “Ek kuttiya kutte ki maut kya mari, saare pille ek sur mein bilbila rahe hain” (It took a bitch to die a dog’s death, for all pups to howl in the same tune),” he said.

Nikhil Dadhich Tweet

Dadhich’s Twitter account is followed by many political leaders from the right-wing BJP including Modi, which prompted many to ask why he was following such people, and demanded an unfollowing and apology. Since Wednesday night however, #BlockNarendraModi appeared on the microblogging site and was the top trend this afternoon.

While this Twitter trend is unlikely to dent the massive following of Narendra Modi, it certainly questions Modi’s ideas of ‘following’ people who regularly abuse people, especially women, who disagree with their stance.

Sample some of the Twitter users who have now blocked Modi: